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Regulatory Compliance

Whether you have a clinical trial shipment or a cell and gene therapy sample, Biocair dedicates significant time and resource in ensuring that our solutions meet all the regulatory requirements, from dangerous goods classification to assisting with customs tariff code assignment. This is achieved through placement of technical experts who are able to advise on all aspects of import/export regulation.

When approached for assistance with a consignment the reason given is often that regulatory issues have been encountered with previous shipments and service providers.

All operations staff at Biocair receive extensive training from our Regulatory Compliance Team to ensure that all aspects of regulation are considered and incorporated into your tailored solution.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Dangerous goods classification and shipment
    Biocair's regulatory experts protect you from any potential risks that could arise

    All operations staff receive IATA dangerous goods training and training in the local regulations. We can assist in classification of goods, some of which may not even appear to be dangerous goods at first glance. Our global Regulatory Compliance Team includes industry-qualified dangerous goods experts who can provide any level of support.

  • Shipment documentation

    Documentation is often the key to successful regulatory clearance. Biocair will try to complete as much of this process for you, to remove this burden from the shipper, but will also assist with any regulatory documentation. Even if we cannot complete the paperwork ourselves, our staff will always offer advice and support in completion, which is based on many years of experience and interaction with regulatory agencies.

  • Import/Export license assistance and advice

    At Biocair we recognise that it can be difficult to keep track of license requirements. For those new to exporting, the regulations can also present a complex minefield which takes significant time to navigate. Our Compliance Team works closely with Operations to ensure that the support provided to shippers is comprehensive and tailored to their requirements.

  • Audit support

    Biocair is happy to provide assistance regarding our shipment processes during regulatory audits, including sending representatives to support you on the day.

  • Customs and Trade compliance advice

    As an Authorised Economic Operator in the UK, Biocair’s compliance record and knowledge of customs and trade has been extensively audited and recognised by HMRC. Our Compliance Team includes experts qualified through the Institute of Export, of which we are a member.

Specific services offered by our Regulatory Compliance team include:

  • Analysis of regulatory issues

    If your shipments always seem to experience issues at a particular port or with a particular regulator, Biocair will work with the appropriate contacts to address the issues. Our extensive regulatory contacts allow us to contact the right people to help with any regulatory holds.

  • Primary telephone emergency response

    For UK and US clients Biocair offer a 24-hour telephone response for emergency situations involving dangerous goods. Biocair is also able to assist in organisation of clean-up in certain locations.

  • Tailored regulatory training

    If you are experiencing issues with particular materials, regulations or countries we can offer assistance and advice and provide specific training to help you with your activities. Get in touch with your local Biocair office for more information or guidance.