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Regulatory Compliance

The regulations surrounding the movement of samples, materials and consignments are changing all the time. Around the world there are GDP compliance requirements which must be met in order to ensure legal and safe transportation.

Whether you are moving radioactive materials, a cell and gene therapy sample or a clinical trial, it is imperative to ensure that every rule and regulation has been fully met to safeguard your company’s reputation and to avoid undue problems and delays.

That is why we have dedicated considerable time and resources to ensuring our global logistics solutions comply fully in all elements of import and export regulation. Our team of skilled regulatory experts are on hand to offer their valuable advice about every aspect of this facet of logistics, so we ensure that your shipment will move seamlessly from door to door without contravening any laws or regulations or being subject to hold ups at customs controls.

Here at Biocair, all of our offices work towards GDP standards and we understand the importance of meeting all necessary regulatory requirements.

Global laws differ considerably in terms of importation and exportation of bioscience and pharmaceutical materials. That is why we are proud to offer a time-saving service, assisting you with the assignment of customs tariff codes, classification of dangerous goods and advising on your legal obligations before transporting your consignment.

Our Areas Of Expertise

Many of our clients approach us to help them with their consignments after encountering regulatory issues in the past with other logistics providers. The Biocair team are here to eliminate such problems, and that is why every member of our Operations staff has received extensive training and education from our in-house Regulatory Compliance Team.

We guarantee that every regulatory aspect has been taken on board and fully incorporated into a unique solution tailored to your requirements.

Classification And Shipment Of Dangerous Goods

Moving dangerous or radioactive consignments overseas can be challenging, and there are many complex regulations and requirements which must be met. We take all of the hard work out of global logistics involving dangerous goods. Our Operations staff have received comprehensive IATA training in dangerous goods as well as an in-depth education in local regulations.

That enables us to assist you with the classification of dangerous goods, many of which at first sight may not appear to fall under this category. We have industry-qualified experts in dangerous goods on our in-house global Regulatory Compliance Team who can offer support at all levels to ensure complete compliance.

Not only can we offer comprehensive global logistics solutions for dangerous goods, we can also transport radioactive consignments.

We can supply all of the essential documentation required for such shipments and we can also provide any necessary packaging, supplying advice as needed should the shipper choose to pack their consignment themselves.

The documentation for these is different to those necessary for other shipments of dangerous goods. For example, during domestic transportation, a consignor’s certificate must accompany the freight. While, during international transportation, a dangerous goods declaration must be supplied in accordance with the IATA regulations.

white box showing different radioactive and hazardous materials labels
Biocair classifies and transports all type of dangerous goods, including radioactive

Supply Of Shipment Documentation

Biocair’s team of regulatory experts are on hand to protect you and your company from any possible risks arising from regulatory issues regarding your shipment documentation. We understand just how important appropriate documentation can be to regulatory clearance and this is why we will complete as much paperwork as possible on your behalf, reducing your administrative burden.

When we are unable to legally complete the documentation ourselves, we have experts on board who can offer you all the advice and support you need to facilitate its completion.

Advice And Assistance With Import And Export Licensing

Keeping track of the latest license requirements can be a challenge, and here at Biocair, we understand just how difficult it can be to navigate through the complex minefield of export regulations, especially for those who are new to the industry.

Our in-house Compliance Team always work in close collaboration with Operations to guarantee that we offer comprehensive support to shippers which has been tailored to meet their exact requirements.

Support With Regulatory Audits

Undergoing a regulatory audit can be a challenging experience.

We can provide you the essential assistance you need regarding our logistics and shipment processes at this crucial time. We even send our representatives to your premises to offer you vital support on the day of the audit itself.

Male Biocair employee with paperwork in a Biocair storage facility
Biocair's services include regulatory support for audits

Trade And Customs Compliance Advice

Biocair is an Authorised Economic Operator within the UK, and our compliance record as well as our knowledge and understanding of trade and customs has not only been audited extensively but also recognised by HMRC. On our in-house Compliance Team, we have Institute of Export qualified experts and we, too, are members of this Institute.

This puts us in the best position to offer you up to date compliance advice to meet your specific needs.

Our Regulatory Compliance Services

Our in-house Regulatory Compliance team are able to offer a number of specific services including:

  • Regulatory issues analysis – if you find that your shipments always experience problems with a specific regulator or at one particular location, our in-house team can work with our contacts to identify and address the issues you are experiencing. Thanks to our extensive network of regulatory contacts, we can work with the best people to remove regulatory holds.
  • Emergency Telephone Response – for our clients in the USA and UK, we offer a 24/7 emergency telephone response for any situation which involves the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Regulatory training to meet your needs – if you’re experiencing problems with specific countries, regulations or materials, we can give you the essential advice and assistance you need as well as supply bespoke training to assist you with your logistics activities.

You can depend on Biocair for all of your regulatory compliance needs. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor a solution that is designed specifically to suit you and your shipment.

Contact your local Biocair office to learn more today.