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Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

Have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions relating to COVID-19 and its impact on the global life sciences supply chain, including:

  • What is Biocair's position on COVID-19?
  • What disruption is Biocair experiencing?
  • What is Biocair’s position on COVID-19?

    COVID-19 is affecting everybody: from our personal, domestic lives through to international businesses and national governments. Exceptional circumstances require exceptional responses, and Biocair is working to safeguard the life sciences supply chain and deliver business continuity as well as protecting and supporting our employees, clients and partners.

    Our business continuity procedures have been extended to include weekly meetings of our newly formed Emergency Response Team (ERT) who plan and coordinate our response to the outbreak. Amongst other areas of activity they:

    • Identify risks to key business activities and define preventative or avoidant actions
    • Assign priorities to key activities and evaluate likely impacts from COVID-19
    • Outline actions to minimise disruption
    • Plan incident recovery options
  • What disruption is Biocair experiencing?

    While COVID-19 is having a global impact, the national and regional experience is very different.

    While China has seen substantial restrictions on import/export and even internal movement, which has led to extra transport costs and increased transit times, Italy’s experience of almost total shutdown has affected air travel much more substantially. Transport generally is bound to be impacted as more countries experience the effects of COVID-19 and we anticipate there will be:

    1. Delays in clearing customs
    2. Extra layers of security and administration imposed on transport, especially across national borders
    3. Lengthened transit times and quarantine periods

    ERT, in tandem with our existing risk prevention procedures, have together allowed us to minimise service disruption, and maintain delivery for our clients. We are doing this by optimising our supply chains, organising alternative routing and using contingency measures as required.

  • How are you protecting your employees?

    In addition to the preventative activities of our ERT, Biocair is completely committed to ensuring the welfare of our personnel by:

    • Implementing quarantine periods for shipments transiting outside China, Hong Kong, Italy and Iran
    • Offering extra protective clothing and sanitising systems to drivers interacting with any other individuals in high risk areas
    • Giving any potentially affected individuals (including those who have travelled abroad in a risk zone) the ability and resources to work from home without having pay affected
    • Constantly reviewing and updating our procedures and advice as circumstances change
    • If required, contracting the services of a professional company perform a deep clean and disinfect all areas for each Biocair office
  • I have booked a shipment with Biocair. Will it be delivered on time?

    The situation is changing by the hour and so it is impossible to give the latest updates here. Therefore, we recommend you contact your local Biocair office and they will be able to help you.

  • What can we expect of you in future?

    We will keep clear and transparent communication lines open to our employees, clients and partners. We aim to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on our services by close monitoring, careful collaboration and rapid communication with all involved. By monitoring the situation closely and remaining proactive, we intend to reduce unavoidable service impact to a minimum, protect our team and support our clients.