Cold chain vaccine transportation & logistics

Biocair’s experience and expert knowledge in cold chain transportation and logistics is currently supporting the R&D, clinical trials, manufacturing and distribution phases of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

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Vaccine supply chain solutions

Exceptional circumstances require exceptional responses.

We are proud to be the global specialist in delivering safe and effective cold chain logistics solutions in times of global crisis:

  • Developing comprehensive contingency plans to reduce the impact of uncontrollable external factors, including flight shortages
  • Implementing advanced packaging solutions for all temperature requirements
  • Assistance with import/export permits for customs clearance, enabling swift delivery
  • Utilising the latest technologies in tracking and monitoring

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Biocair delivers COVID-19 vaccines to South Africa

Earlier in February 2021, Biocair’s global team of logistics experts worked around the clock transporting the first 80,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine from Belgium to Johannesburg.

Cold chain vaccine logistics

As a global specialist in vaccine supply chains, Biocair is playing a leading role in developing safe, compliant and effective solutions for COVID-19 vaccine transportation, storage and distribution.

Please contact your local Biocair office for the most up-to-date information on the cold chain transportation of the COVID-19 vaccine, including updates on scheduled shipments.


Maintaining supply chain management

Despite the challenging situation caused by COVID-19, Biocair remains fully committed to delivering continuity of service within the life sciences supply chain and ensuring safety for our clients, patients and employees.

We are designing and implementing new solutions 24/7 to ensure our customers’ critical shipments are managed and transported both safely and effectively, despite the challenging circumstances.

We are working with the relevant authorities and will continue to communicate with our customers on any service or regulatory changes that may impact their supply chain.


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How is Biocair supporting the COVID-19 supply chain?

Since the outbreak we have been involved in several large-scale projects, including the transportation of personal protective equipment and COVID-19 related clinical trials.

Most recently, Biocair was selected to distribute vaccines across South Africa.

There may be delays caused by flight shortages and/or cancellations. How can you ensure my materials are kept at the required temperature range?

Our global team of experts proactively monitor all routes and shipments.

Should there be any delay, and the validation time of the box is close to elapsing, we will either arrange for the materials to be placed in regulated storage facilities or we will arrange for the dry ice to be replenished (if appropriate).

What temperatures ranges can Biocair support?

We provide validated and pre-conditioned packaging to suit the following temperature ranges:
  • +15 - +25.C – Controlled Ambient
  • +2 - +8.C – Refrigerated
  • -15 - -25.C – Frozen
  • -60 - -80.C – Deep Frozen
  • Under -150.C – Cryo Frozen (Liquid Nitrogen)
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