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From lab to market: The role of life science logistics in accelerating drug development timelines

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The advancement of innovative drug treatments hinges on efficient and reliable logistics solutions. As a global leader in life science logistics, Biocair has played a pivotal role in accelerating drug development timelines through our expertise in handling complex shipments of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

In a recent case, Biocair supported a US-based research company in transporting temperature-sensitive APIs from China to the US. Despite corporate transitions and regulatory challenges, Biocair's customized cold chain solutions and expert support ensured the integrity and timely delivery of critical shipments, facilitating the research company’s progression from pre-clinical research to FDA approval.

Ensuring the regularity of shipments is critical. Patients need precise dosages at specific times to maintain the integrity of the clinical trial. Clinical trial integrity has been key to the new drug treatment attaining approval by the FDA. From initial research, through clinical trials to commercialization, the continued supply of validated packaging and personalized transportation solutions remains vital.

“Biocair’s ability to manage the complexities of international shipping and regulatory requirements was instrumental in keeping this project on track,” says Thomas Pettit, Vice President of Customer Solutions at Biocair. “We didn’t want to overly complicate the pack out process because it’s completed by teams across China and the United States. It needed to be easy to learn if transferred over to another facility or if demand increased. Keeping the procedure simple reduces training time and allows it to be accurately and consistently repeated.”paperwork completion low res

By simplifying packaging procedures and navigating complex customs regulations, Biocair maintained shipment integrity and regularity, crucial for clinical trial success. Our strategic support enabled consistent supply and logistical hurdles to be overcome, proving vital to the expedited development of new drug treatments.

"In advanced programs with a global supplier footprint, our clients need a logistics supplier that can execute swiftly. Partnering with Biocair ensures critical program timelines are met," says Pettit.

For more information about the critical impact of logistics on drug development, read our full case study.


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