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Biocair calls for greater investment in women in STEM

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Biocair is calling for greater investment in women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The company believes these male-dominated sectors could benefit hugely from greater diversity.

Despite the rapid growth of the sector, women currently make up only 26% of the STEM workforce in the UK and just 28% in the USA. To combat this disparity, Biocair echoes the United Nation’s theme of International Women’s Day 2024: “Invest in women: Accelerate progress”.

As the global specialist in temperature-controlled logistics for life sciences, Biocair understands the importance of having a diverse workforce with varied skills and experience. It has taken a unique approach to building its team, hiring scientists in front-line logistics positions and recruiting the most talented industry experts in quality, cold chain and regulatory compliance. 

Investing in women and their professional development is crucial when building a more diverse workforce. Biocair recognizes this and supports its employees with regular in-house training. Rikke Hogg, Operations Manager for Biocair’s Edinburgh office, has completed two internal training courses so far “to become a better manager and a better leader.” 

As Rikke explains, “I’m currently completing a third management course and every single one of them is opening my eyes to new challenges. It’s giving me loads of tools and tips I can use every day to really take care of the team in the best possible way.”

Biocair’s Sales Support Coordinator, Melissa Hernandez, M.S. adds, “During my time here at Biocair, I have had the opportunity to participate in countless trainings held by our Compliance, Cell and Gene Therapy and Operations departments to aid in my professional development. This, together with my scientific educational background and support from my team members, have all helped me to grow and succeed in my role.”



To help balance the gender disparity in the industry, Biocair believes there should also be an increased effort to promote science subjects when female students are considering which higher qualifications or degrees to study. According to recent data, only 31% of STEM students in higher education in the UK are women or non-binary. Meanwhile in 2018, women earned 36% of STEM degrees in the USA, so it’s clear that the lack of diversity in the industry has its roots in education.

Bailey Coppage, US Customer Solutions Manager for Biocair, says that there are other barriers that potentially prevent women embarking on a career in STEM: “It’s a general challenge for women to be taken seriously, especially when being assertive.

"I think it’s rare for a company to allow people to speak freely and push for change no matter their position. Biocair definitely allows for everyone’s voice to be heard.”

Emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in the workplace, Emma Turner, Chief Information Officer at Biocair, says, “In my 35+ year career in technology and senior-level leadership, I have seen that the health of a workplace – how welcoming and genuinely inclusive it is – directly impacts the satisfaction of employees.”

By encouraging more women to consider a career in STEM and building a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive, Biocair believes companies could become more innovative, benefit from a broader range of skills and continue to compete in a demanding market.

To women considering a career in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Reena Scutt, Global Legal and Commercial Contracts Manager at Biocair, offers this encouragement:

“Most of my in-house career has been spent in male-dominated industries. While women once may have been held back, now most people won’t look at whether you are male or female. They are only interested in the knowledge you have and the confidence you have in your own ability to deliver that knowledge. You are the key to your success.”

Along with investing in professional development, cultivating a healthy, inclusive work environment and encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM, companies can invest in women through their people processes. Positive steps that can help close the gender gap include offering competitive and fair salaries, providing female-focused workplace benefits, giving equal promotions and having a gender-neutral recruitment process.

Both employees and companies would benefit from more women working in STEM and Biocair will continue to play its part in improving inclusivity in the life science logistics sector.

For more information contact your local Biocair office.

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