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Biocair transports COVID-19 related protective equipment

Workers are packing masks in boxes for delivery to customers.
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Biocair has recently managed several urgent large-scale shipments of COVID-19 related protective equipment. The specialist logistics company is also supporting many companies and agencies with the swift transportation of testing kits, diagnostic specimens and medical devices.

boxes of PPE
Some of the materials transported are being produced in Asia

The successful time-sensitive transportation of these materials requires expertise and experience in the global life sciences supply chain.

Speaking about the role Biocair plays in the life sciences supply chain, Giuseppe Tricarico, Business Development Director, comments that “since the global outbreak of COVID-19, many airlines have suspended their operations leading to restrictions on passenger flights. During these challenging times Biocair has remained fully committed to service provision and has implemented swift service updates, including using alternative carriers, chartering flights and using different routes and entry points.”

Biocair's specialist services include GDP and GMP-compliant transport of critical shipments, monitoring and tracking capabilities, temperature-controlled packaging and the ability to complete international import/export documentation wherever possible.

Please contact your local Biocair office for more information.


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