Brexit and the life sciences supply chain

We are able to advise and assist with all aspects of import/export regulation, and wherever legally possible we can complete all required documentation. Our dedicated Brexit Team ensures that support provided to shippers is comprehensive, compliant and tailored to requirements.

Managing your supply chain during Brexit and beyond

Our network, combined with years of experience shipping into EU destinations from third-party countries, enables Biocair to quickly and accurately determine the shipping requirements that must be met.

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Expert support

Our experts are trained on all new requirements relating to the EU-UK movement of goods, which is incorporated into our “OK to send” document review process.


Regulatory compliance

We operate a comprehensive system of pre-shipment checks, ensuring a fast and compliant clearance at borders.


Decades of experience

Biocair already provides the necessary services associated with shipments from third-party countries, so we are fully aware of the level of detail needed to expedite the clearance process.

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The experts in customs, security and safety

Biocair is the only major speciality logistics provider in the UK that has a Combined Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety AEO certificate (AEOF).

This demonstrates that our role in the international supply chain is secure and that our customs procedures are efficient, often exceeding EU and competitor standards.

Update January 2022 - additional requirements for imports from EU countries

As part of the UK government's phased approach to the import of goods from the EU following Brexit, phases 2 and 3 will come into effect in 2022.

These phases will apply to the import of:

  • Product of Animal Origin (POAO) - for human consumption
  • Animal-By-Products (ABP) - not for human consumption
  • Plants and Plant Products


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Does Biocair have a proven solution for shipping from / to the UK, avoiding current risk of delay caused by Brexit?

To avoid any potential import delays, Biocair’s logistics experts will provide all destination countries with copies of the import documents to obtain an “ok to ship” before dispatching from the UK.

Although this may prolong the collection lead time in the short term, it will help to guarantee that delays on import are minimised, therefore ensuring the integrity of samples.

There may be delays caused by flight shortages and/or cancellations. How can you ensure my materials are kept at the required temperature range?

Our global team of experts proactively monitor all routes and shipments.

Should there be any delay, and the validation time of the box is close to elapsing, we will either arrange for the materials to be placed in regulated storage facilities or we will arrange for the dry ice to be replenished (if appropriate).

We ship to Northern Ireland – do I need a different Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number?

UK Customs Authorities are implementing a different EORI number for Northern Ireland declarations. This number starts with “XI”, rather than “GB”. To ensure continued supply to Northern Ireland, any business that transports goods must apply for an XI EORI number.

To get an EORI number that starts with XI, you must already have an EORI number that starts with GB.

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Need help with Brexit?

Our team of Brexit experts are on hand to offer help and advice.