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Chris Cooke Headshot
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Chris Cooke, Chief Executive Officer

Chris serves as Biocair’s CEO defining the company’s vision, working with expert teams to outline strategic steps and ensuring Biocair keeps moving science forward. He drives Biocair to continually become the “specialist” within the life science logistics industry.

His previous experience across a variety of senior financial roles and within Biocair as Managing Director informs his approach as he leads the expansion of Biocair’s global network. He holds an MA degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and an MBA obtained from Warwick Business School. When asked about keeping motivated and driven, Chris is always looking to find ways for Biocair to support its customers in the advancement of science.

At the forefront of this is helping customers achieve their goals and solve their most complex shipping issues, whilst ensuring that Biocair has the right teams working alongside customers to provide solutions and supporting Biocair staff to achieve their potential.

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Michelle Watson Headshot
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Michelle Watson, Chief People Officer

As Biocair’s Chief People Officer, Michelle finds passion in the continuous work she does for the Human Resources department. She believes that work should be meaningful for everyone and enjoys the opportunity to influence the people agenda within Biocair.  

Michelle spent most of her career in HR across many different industries, supporting business growth through recruitment and the development of colleagues as well as leading programs of change and transformation. The majority of Michelle’s career has been as a generalist in HR with experience in leadership and people management.  

In her free time, Michelle mentors other HR professionals and volunteers in her local community. She also values spending time with her family and friends, going out for walks and taking trips to Northumberland.  

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Vincent Howard Headshot
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Vincent Howard, Chief Operating Officer

Vincent Howard is Biocair’s Chief Operating Officer. He joined as the company’s first science graduate in 1993 at the start of the move into specialized pharma logistics. Vincent has a broad range of experience having performed many roles within the company from leading global operations and the global sales department to driving to client facilities to carry out collections!   

His passion for customer service has led him to work closely with many of Biocair’s global key accounts to provide them with tailored, flexible solutions that have helped shape the company’s reputation. He has a firm belief that customer service starts with the way you treat people around you. 

Vincent has a great belief in Biocair and its people as a global community. He’s motivated by helping others to have the same opportunities and by serving our clients and, ultimately, the patients at the end of every shipment. 

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Emma Turner Biocair CIO v2
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Emma Turner, Chief Information Officer

Emma Turner is Biocair’s Chief Information Officer. She joined in July 2023 to develop the company’s technical strategy and roadmap for improving security and computer systems. She believes that IT is a partner to the rest of the business to help deliver the effective and customer-friendly systems needed for future business growth.

With 35 years of experience in the IT industry from Programmer to CIO, Emma has worked in several senior positions within both the logistics and healthcare industries. She enjoys building teams who are empowered to lead the technical deliverables.

In her free time, she enjoys walking in the Peak District and crossing off as many ‘Ethels’ as she can, she is also an avid supporter of Norwich City FC.

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Alan Brooks Headshot
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Alan Brooks, Chief Financial Officer

Alan joined the Biocair team in May 2022 as the Chief Financial Officer. With experience leading financial teams through periods of growth and change, he looks forward to seeing how Biocair continues to develop. Alan has expertise in delivering strategy and managing stakeholders, change and acquisitions.  

Before Biocair, Alan worked as the Finance Director and Interim Chief Financial Officer at Cambridge Assessment where he was responsible for the financial transactions, reporting and controls of the global operations of a team of 75. He is value-driven with an analytical approach to building relationships with fellow colleagues. 

Alan believes that finance plays a key role in partnering with all areas of the business to facilitate change, while recognizing the challenges the business faces in balancing priorities. In his free time, he enjoys watching rugby, cricket and football. He also finds joy in spending time with his family in Norwich, UK. 


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Manish Joshi Headshot
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Manish Joshi, Corporate Development Director

Manish joined Biocair in September 2021 as the Global Corporate Development Director. In this role, he is responsible for developing, driving and supporting key company projects and plans with our strategic partners in existing and new markets. Manish works with our in-house Project Management team and with external teams from the wider Geopost group.  

Recently, Manish has been appointed as the interim Chief Commercial Officer responsible for global Sales, Marketing and Pricing functions. To both of his roles, Manish brings over 25 years of experience in international Express Logistics and an in-depth knowledge of the specialist courier life-science industry.  

Manish firmly believes in putting people first and keeping the customer at the heart of everything that we do. While striving to facilitate the growth of the business and the Biocair team, he works to create a fun work environment and operate in a courteous way with all colleagues. 

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Chris Good Headshot
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Christopher Good, Director of CGT Logistics

Christopher Good is the Director of Cell and Gene Therapy Logistics at Biocair and has been a part of the rapid growth of the company over the years. He excels in this role because he can draw on his experience in logistics coordination and chemistry. He has served Biocair as a logistics coordinator since 2002 and holds a degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technology from the University of Bradford. 

Christopher drives the continuous growth of the global Cell and Gene Therapy team and has supported our customers in the commercialization of their therapies for the benefit of patients worldwide.  

Christopher deeply appreciates the opportunity to lead Biocair’s global teams in creating new pathways to solve complex industry challenges. He is motivated by his role in helping to change patient outcomes and creating an infrastructure to continually move science forward.