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Value Added Services

We are extremely proud of the Biocair difference. Our client centric approach sets the standard in the global pharmaceutical courier sector.

Our success is primarily due to our unique decision to employ skilled and highly trained scientists across our frontline logistics roles and to assemble a team of leading experts in the cold chain, regulatory compliance and quality industries.

Our focus is on supplying highly comprehensive service options while also delivering the most tailored, GDP compliant and cost-effective global logistics solutions that meet the needs of every client.

To this end, we are proud to provide a wide range of value added services that ensure our clients can benefit even more from the specialist solutions that we provide.

Consultancy For Regulatory Compliance

As a life sciences supply chain expert, we understand just how important it is to manage your regulatory compliance when shipping consignments, products, samples and materials both domestically and overseas. The laws surrounding global compliance are complex, varied and constantly fluctuating, so staying up to date can be an almost impossible task.

That is why we have a team of experts in the field on board, so that you do not need to expend your own time and effort.

Our Regulatory Compliance consultancy service is on hand to help you with all aspects of this challenging area. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Managing the movement of dangerous goods
  • Hazmat classification and transportation
  • Production of shipment documentation
  • Advice and assistance with import and export licensing
  • Support with audits
  • Trade and customs compliance advice, including GDP

Our experts in regulatory compliance can offer you all the key information, advice and support that you need to ensure that your materials never face any unexpected problems or delays during transit, no matter where in the world they are being transported.

Laboratory Transportation

Two Biocair drivers moving materials onto a vehicle
Biocair drivers provide full support on-site

We are proud to supply our own unique “one stop shop” to transport laboratory substances, devices and machinery. We eliminate the need to coordinate the many and varied movements of an entire laboratory inventory or whole lab installations with numerous suppliers. Instead, we offer you a single point of contact so you can save both time and resources.

White Glove Services

The entire service that Biocair offers is “white glove”, i.e. most of the collections that we perform are carried out by extremely skilled and highly trained staff members who pack your shipment in your presence. This means you can observe every element of consignment preparation to ensure that the packing meets your specifications and requirements. All you need to do is direct our team to the samples, materials or products for transportation and we will do the rest for you.

We work closely with you and your team in order to develop the most appropriate Standard Operating Procedures for packaging materials as required, or we will supply them on your behalf once we understand your precise requirements.

You can be confident that we handle every shipment individually. Each shipment is meticulously monitored to ensure it arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Packaging Supply

We are able to supply a wide range of validated and pre-conditioned temperature-controlled packaging to suit shipments which require a variety of temperature ranges.

Biocair boxes

The temperature ranges which we can accommodate include:

  • +15 - +25.C – Controlled Ambient
  • +2 - +8.C – Refrigerated
  • -15 - -25.C – Frozen
  • -60 - -80.C – Deep Frozen
  • Under -150.C – Cryo Frozen

You are also able to rely on our team of experts to move shipments of all sizes, from just a few small vials to large and bulky pallets. We achieve this through our advanced suite of cutting-edge technology packaging solutions.

We have backup systems in place to ensure that, in the unlikely event of a problem or delay, our logistics experts will supply an appropriate and effective solution to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

Real Time GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Thanks to the cutting-edge software and technology which we employ here at Biocair, our clients are able to track their consignments at every step of the way with real time GPS. This means that while shipments are in transmit, the following factors can be closely monitored:

  • Temperature
  • Position
  • Shock
  • Motion
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Light exposure once the package has been opened
phone with software

This gives customers complete peace of mind that their products, materials and samples are being handled with care at all times and are being transported to the precise specifications that they have given.

A Bespoke Tracking System

Biocair takes pride in tailoring precise IT solutions which meet our clients’ most exacting requirements. Our track and trace system is unique and allows our clients to have unprecedented visibility of their consignment during the progress of its transit from door to door. Thanks to this innovative and advanced system, shipment updates can be given directly to the client in real time without any need to visit a tracking site.

We have fully integrated this system with all courier systems and airlines, so you can receive the most up to date monitoring at any given time.

Biocair – Your Partner For Life Sciences Logistics

Are you ready to find out more about Biocair’s value added services and discover how they can help you to get even more benefit from your life sciences supply chain? Contact us today and experience the difference that Biocair can offer.