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Temperature Controlled Solutions

At Biocair we fully understand the importance of maintaining the specific temperature range of your materials throughout transit from collection to delivery and onwards to the end user.

We also appreciate you don’t have time to be experts in temperature control. We specialise in designing solutions to match your exact requirements. We provide pre-conditioned and validated temperature controlled packaging for all temperature ranges for a wide variety of sectors, including clinical trials and cell and gene therapy. Our temperature ranges include:

  • Controlled Ambient (+15 to +25.C)
  • Refrigerated (+2 to +8.C)
  • Frozen (-15 to -25.C)
  • Deep Frozen (-60 to -80.C)
  • CryoFrozen (< -150.C)

We can move any size of shipment, from a few vials, to multiple pallets. We do this by utilising our suite of latest technology packaging solutions including, but not limited to:

Biocair's global liquid nitrogen shipping solutions are commonly used for cell and gene therapy shipments

Passive Systems:

  • EPS insulation + water-based coolants,
  • VIP insulation + Phase Change-based,
  • Hybrid systems,
  • Dry Ice,
  • Liquid Nitrogen.

Active Systems:

  • Temperature Controlled Aircraft Containers,
  • Temperature Controlled Vehicles.

Before choosing which solution to use, our team of cold chain experts will consider all factors, such as: dimensions and quantities of your materials, outside temperatures at origin, during transit and at destination, weather forecasts, transit duration, customs clearance time, cross-hemisphere shipping and stability of the product. Based on the answers to these questions, we will choose the optimum solution to ensure your materials remain within their required temperature range.

Biocair also operates a fleet of temperature controlled vehicles (TCV’s) with a range of -20°C to +25°C. TCV’s are beneficial for shipping larger amounts of product or controlling the temperature surrounding validated systems during extreme summer and winter temperatures.

Our drivers will arrive at your collection point with our pre-conditioned packaging and pack your materials. We can also supply and enclose temperature monitors to record temperature during transit. We can stop and remove this monitor following delivery, download the results and email them to you, so you have evidence of temperature during transit - and peace of mind - on file.

Biocair also have contingency procedures in place to arrange replenishment of coolants or transfer to appropriate temperature controlled storage in the event of delays in transit.

We understand the success of your product, patient safety and your reputation are depending on us. To discuss your temperature requirements, or to learn more about Biocair's range of packaging solutions, contact your local Biocair office.