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Temperature Controlled Solutions

Having an unbroken temperature chain could not be more important both to the success of your product and to your patients’ safety.

That means flawless execution is essential in every aspect of the global logistics solution chain. From choosing the correct transport route to evaluating, validating and using the correct packaging in order to maintain the integrity of the product in all conditions, effective temperature-controlled solutions are absolutely vital.

Here at Biocair, we know just how crucial it is to maintain your materials’ specific temperature range throughout the transit process from door to door. From the moment your shipment leaves your premises to the moment it arrives with its end user, you need to be certain that it is in the hands of experts who can maintain the correct temperature at all times.

Biocair has a comprehensive set of contingency procedures in place that will ensure coolants are replenished or shipments are moved to an appropriate temperature-controlled storage facility should there be a delay in transit.

Temperature Control Expertise

We are experts in temperature control so that you do not have to be. We are specialists in designing tailored solutions which will match your specific requirements.

The temperature ranges which we can accommodate include:

  • +15ºC to +25ºC – Controlled Ambient
  • +2ºC to +8ºC – Refrigerated
  • -15ºC to -25ºC – Frozen
  • -60ºC to -80ºC – Deep Frozen
  • Under -150ºC – Cryo Frozen (vapour phase)

We supply validated and pre-conditioned temperature-controlled packaging to suit all ranges of temperature across a broad spectrum of sectors from cell and gene therapy to clinical trials.

Advanced Packaging Solutions

You can depend on our expert team to move all sizes of shipment, whether you only need a couple of vials transporting from door to door or several large pallets. We are able to achieve this by using a cutting-edge suite of advanced technology packaging solutions, as well as investing in reusable packaging across a variety of our sites globally.

Our range of Passive Systems include:

  • Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) and Phase Change Materials (PCMs)
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Dry Ice systems
  • Single Use and Reusable Systems
  • Liquid Nitrogen Dry Vapour dewars
  • Large Rental PCM Containers

We also offer Active Systems which include:

  • Aircraft and ocean containers with integrated temperature control
  • Temperature Controlled Vehicles (TCVs)
liquid nitrogen dewar
Biocair’s liquid nitrogen dry shippers are rigid, lightweight and do not require a pallet for transport – they can be hand carried throughout hospital and clinical environments.

Selecting The Right Solution For You

As you can see, we offer a host of effective packaging solutions designed to meet the needs of a range of temperature-controlled shipments. Before selecting the most appropriate solution for you, our cold chain expert team will take into account all factors including the quantities and dimensions of the materials which you will be transporting as well as the outdoor temperatures at the product’s origin, during its transit and at its arrival destination. They will also consider the duration of transit as well as the clearance time through customs, potential weather forecasts, product stability and cross-hemisphere shipping factors.

When those questions have been answered, it is possible to select the best possible solution to guarantee your shipment stays within its essential temperature range at every step of its journey.

Our Temperature-Controlled Vehicles (TCVs)

We operate a fleet of TCVs that accommodate a temperature range of between -20°C and +25°C. Temperature controlled vehicles are ideal for transporting large product amounts or for controlling temperatures surrounding validated systems in times of extreme winter or summer temperatures.

You will never need to worry about whether your shipment has been harmed or damaged by a delay caused by strike action or a vehicle breakdown.

When you choose Biocair, you can be absolutely sure that complications will have been anticipated well in advance and remedial action taken as soon as possible so that your products, materials or samples can stay safe at all times.

Smart Monitoring Solutions

When a Biocair driver will come to your premises or collection point they will bring our own pre-conditioned packaging and they will take responsibility for packing up your materials ready for transportation. We are also able to enclose and supply temperature monitors which will record the temperature of your shipment at every point during its transit.

Our monitoring solutions are designed to prove the stability of your shipment at every stage of its journey. We can supply sensors to track not only temperature and GPS location but also pressure, light, tilt and humidity to give you confidence in the safety of your consignment from the start to the finish of its journey.

This will give you clear evidence of your consignment’s temperature during its journey on file should it be required at a future stage, and it will also help you to enjoy the complete peace of mind that this information brings you.

Transporting Your Temperature Sensitive Shipment

As a specialist courier and life sciences supply chain expert, we understand just how important the safe delivery of your consignment is to your reputation, your patients’ safety and your product’s success. That is why we pull out all the stops to ensure that every precaution is taken and every detail is scrutinised to guarantee that your shipment gets to its end user at the ideal temperature.

Whatever your temperature requirements, we can supply the most appropriate packaging and transportation solutions to suit your needs.

Whether you have a sample requiring liquid nitrogen for a cell and gene therapy study which is fragile and irreplaceable or whether you’re transporting a bulk order of refrigerated medications, you can rely on Biocair to get the job done seamlessly and without any worries or effort on your behalf.

If you are ready to arrange your shipment with Biocair, contact your local office today. We can help you learn more about our range of cutting-edge temperature-controlled packaging solutions and our extensive array of transportation options to ensure your consignment arrives in a timely manner and in perfect condition.