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Global Logistics Services

Biocair is your global specialist in life science logistics, bringing pharmaceutical professionals and scientists the assistance they need to guarantee their supply chain.

As a specialist courier, we understand the importance of safe and timely delivery, both for your patients and for your company’s reputation. That is why we are the life sciences supply chain expert you can rely on.

We employ scientists in frontline logistics positions across the globe, all working to GDP standards. Our experts provide a key link between research and logistics.

We realise the importance and value of your work and the impact it could have. As a result, we leave you to concentrate on the most important thing – ensuring that you serve the needs of your patients to the highest possible level.

A Specialist Global Service For GDP Compliant Life Sciences Logistics

Our global logistics team gives the same level of care and attention to every single shipment that we transport. We never underestimate their value and their importance to the patients who eventually will receive them and benefit.

We are leading the way in clinical trials and cell and gene therapy logistics, and as such we supply the market’s most comprehensive and bespoke courier service. All over the world, Biocair’s expertise ensures a fully comprehensive solution to save you money and time, guaranteeing you the level of service you require.

We work with an extensive network of preferred and back-up suppliers all working to GDP standards across the globe in over 850 locations, so you can be confident that your supply chain will never be broken.

Global map with orange dots to show Biocair offices
Biocair's network operates in over 160 countries and works to GDP standards

We are proud to support the global scientific community, covering all aspects of the shipping process and taking care of each and every detail so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Why Choose Us?

Although there are many providers of global logistics services, Biocair is proud to be your trusted partner, providing bespoke logistical solutions and a tailored service to meet the unique and specific needs of the pharmaceutical and bioscience industries.

For over 30 years Biocair and its global team of skilled experts have been working to solve the most complex logistics issues faced by the bioscience and pharmaceutical industries on a daily basis.

Over the years, we have paved the way in the industry, accepting the most challenging assignments and creating innovative solutions, and ensuring positive outcomes even where other companies have failed. It is precisely our ability to work together, use our range of expertise most effectively and pay close attention to the smallest details that makes us stand out from the crowd, even in today’s competitive marketplace.

Classification Of Materials

We classify all materials so that we can guarantee to move them both safely and compliantly, ensuring you are left free to concentrate on doing your job. We classify materials in the following ways:

  • Hazards - for all domestic and international movements
  • Government regulatory requirements
  • Trade compliance – advising on valuation and customs coding to ensure clearances are smooth and auditable.

Our classification process ensures that your products are always supplied with the correct declarations, licences, permits and customs coding to avoid delays, endangerment to the materials in transmit and disruption to your schedules.

Tailored Documentation

Biocair can handle all of the paperwork for you, tailoring your documentation to precisely meet the requirements of your shipments.

We can complete compliant pro-forma invoices, air waybill/consignment notes and the appropriate paperwork to accompany dangerous goods.

We understand the importance of ensuring compliance in transit, and that is why we are happy to handle all aspects of labelling requirements for your shipment on your behalf. In any case where we are unable to legally supply documentation on your behalf, we can give you appropriate advice as to its proper completion or even supply you with templates, saving you time and effort.

Packaging To Meet Your Needs

Here at Biocair, we provide all kinds of packaging to suit every transportation need. We offer GPS and temperature monitoring services, and we are proud to be experts in the field of temperature-controlled shipments. We also have a skilled team at each of our global sites who are capable of packing materials on-site of all sizes and types in accordance with compliance regulations. We can even design and make bespoke packaging where required to meet your precise needs.

Male Biocair employee packing a box
Biocair can provide packaging for every temperature range, including liquid nitrogen

Door To Door Shipment

Biocair operates a 24/7 specialist global logistics network, and that means you can be rest assured that your products will be moved securely and safely to the exact location where they are needed. For even greater peace of mind, we enable you to track the shipment via your unique reference number, with up to date progress reports sent to you from the Biocair team who are monitoring your shipment.

As soon as delivery has taken place, you will receive confirmation, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that your shipments have been received intact.

Delivering for the Life Sciences

Whether your operation works within the pre-clinical, clinical trials, commercial shipments or cell and gene therapy sectors, we are the logistics specialist to ensure the safest and most reliable transportation of materials from door to door.

There is no shipment too large, too small or too high value for us to handle.

Whatever your requirements, whether you require liquid nitrogen or dry ice transportation, or movement of infectious samples overseas, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

We appreciate that many consignments are highly fragile, irreplaceable and critically important, and that is why we offer you flexible and bespoke transportation so we can guarantee you the optimal logistics solution for you.

As your patients and customers trust in you, put your trust in us, and allow us to simplify the process of global logistics and transportation. When you choose us, you are choosing the easiest and most effortless way to move samples, products and materials worldwide to where they’re needed most.

Get in touch with your local Biocair office today.