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Global Logistics Services

Biocair has always been there for scientists and pharmaceutical professionals. There to provide assistance and peace of mind when the supply chain fails you and you need a specialist courier who truly understands.

By employing scientists in front line logistics positions, Biocair provides the link between logistics and pharmaceutical research with ease and allows you to focus on what is important – delivering for your company and your patients.

Our global team treats all the products we transport as their own – knowing how precious they are to you and the eventual patients who will benefit from them.

As the global specialist in cell and gene therapy and clinical trials, we provide the most comprehensive logistics service offering available on the market. Across the globe Biocair's expertise provides a true end to end solution that no other courier is capable of, saving you time and money:

  • Classification - we classify all materials we move to ensure they are moved safely and compliantly, so your reputation is never at risk.
    • We classify in terms of hazard for all domestic and international movements.
    • We classify in terms of government regulatory requirements so your products will always have the correct permits, licences and declarations. This is critical because an error in doing this causes huge delays, endangering the material in transit and disrupting schedules and budgets.
    • We classify in terms of trade compliance, advising on valuation and customs coding to ensure clearances are smooth and auditable.
  • Documentation - Biocair produces all paperwork tailored exactly for your shipments – including, amongst others, compliant pro-forma invoices, dangerous goods documentation and air waybill / consignment notes. Where we legally cannot provide documentation we provide advice on how it should be completed or provide templates to save you time.
  • Packaging
    Temperature monitoring and GPS services available
    we are experts in temperature controlled shipments. As well as providing all types of packaging, our skilled staff can pack materials of all types and sizes compliantly on site. We even design and produce bespoke packaging for your exact needs. Temperature monitors can be supplied and the data recovered, analysed and delivered back to you immediately upon delivery of the consignment.
  • Labelling – Biocair can take care of all labelling requirements to ensure compliance throughout transit.
  • Shipment Door to Door – Biocair’s 24/7 specialist global network ensures your peace of mind as your products move safely and securely to where they are needed. You can track your shipment using a unique reference and receive up to date progress reports from the team at Biocair monitoring your shipment. You will receive confirmation of delivery as the delivery occurs so you can relax the moment the shipment is complete.

For over 30 years Biocair's global team of experts has been solving the complex logistics problems on a regular basis. We have consistently broken new ground taking on difficult assignments and designing solutions, ensuring a successful outcome where others have failed. Our ability to pay attention to detail and bring together all the different parts of our expertise at the right time and in the right way is what makes us different.