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Customer Focused Solutions

We keep your requirements central to our thinking.

Over the past few years many couriers have become less and less flexible to clients’ requirements. We do everything possible so that you can deliver on your promises and protect your trusted relationships and, more importantly, patients. Biocair provides real agility and creative thought when designing solutions for our customers which have led the industry in terms of innovation and client satisfaction.

An “A La Carte menu” of services...

Although, Biocair provides the most comprehensive service available in the market sector we only look to add value to your supply chain. The overall service we can provide is broken down into distinct parts meaning you can pick and choose the features you want to use, and pay for – a bit like an a la carte menu.

Biocair’s service is designed to be ultimately flexible – so we enjoy being challenged by our clients to meet their exact requirements – even if this means creating new solutions, inventing new equipment or a new device. We are well versed at researching projects from scratch – working out each step in resolving any project you may have in bio-logistics.

Dedicated Project Management

Biocair has assembled a team of world renowned experts in logistics, regulatory compliance, dangerous goods, customs law, security, cold chain, quality systems amongst other subjects – this knowledge pool can be accessed by anyone who chooses to use Biocair’s services. If you need us for a major project, we will manage that to conclusion for you using sound methodology and the vast experience we have in the industry. We are a safe pair of hands and we will take away the scary stuff and preserve your peace of mind and your and your company’s reputation.

Examples of some of the bespoke services Biocair has delivered:

  • Cell and gene therapy shipments - pioneering design of end to end logistics solutions
  • International transport of entire laboratories and “life’s work” inventory
  • Project management of the world largest medical device recall
  • Transport of historical blood samples from all medallists at major athletic championships on behalf of the IOC
  • International movements of radioactive, toxic chemicals
  • Packaging design and validation testing
  • The first bulk movement of cold chain material in active packaging to the Middle East
  • Bespoke IT development and integration with client systems