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Biocair can provide door-to-door shipments on a global scale. We have the experience to handle the entire shipping process with minimal effort on our customers’ behalf.

We will take care of all of the documentation and labelling for you too, so there is no need for you to complete pre-printed forms. After one of our trained drivers has collected your material, you will receive progress updates for your shipment in real time to your computer or phone - when delivery is complete, you will receive a proof of delivery notification (POD) instantly.

Much of the time, the mechanics of moving something from one place to another is straightforward. There are occasions, however, when things are not so simple. Often development work carried out by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies takes place in challenging environments. Such environments can be challenging for a number of reasons. For example:

  • Infrastructure is lacking
  • Regulatory authorities are especially vigilant and exacting
  • Authorities and local providers are unfamiliar or do not fully understand the needs of our customers

Biocair is used to solving the complex problems presented to us on a regular basis. We have consistently broken new ground taking on difficult assignments and designing original solutions ensuring a successful outcome where others have failed.

Our ability to pay attention to detail and bring together all the different parts of our expertise at the right time and in the right way is what makes us different.