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Vote for your favourite drawing!

Child painting

Biocair recently asked young artists to draw what Biocair meant to them. This could have been a drawing, painting or computer design of any size and examples included a Biocair driver delivering medicines to a hospital or a Biocair van driving to the airport. Now it is time to vote for your favourite!

Please choose your favourite drawing from the list below and simply post it (you can either post the image or just write the name and age of the artist) on Twitter or LinkedIn along with the hashtag '#BiocairArtCompetition'. Prizes will be awarded to both the artist and to a randomly selected Twitter/LinkedIn user.

Hurry! Voting closes midnight on 11 May 2020. Good luck!

Thank you to all the young artists who sent in their respective drawings. For more information please contact

art drawing
Anna, 13
art drawing
Darcie, 5
art drawing
Eilidh, 6
art drawing
Francesca, 6
art drawing
Kylie, 11
art drawing
Luca, 9 and Ella-Marie, 5
art drawing
Mason, 8
art drawing
Riley, 9

Copy your favourite drawing (or just mention the author) from the list and then post it on Twitter or LinkedIn along with the hashtag '#BiocairArtCompetition'. Voting closes Monday 11th May 2020.

Best of luck!


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