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CO2 Restrictions in EU

Dry Ice Shortage in Europe

22nd June 2018
For the last month there has been a shortage of CO2 across Europe and
the UK. Outages at major UK and EU sources have put the supply chain
under immense pressure. Whilst our suppliers have managed to keep
the situation under control so far it has recently become worse. CO2
supply is fundamental to Dry Ice production so without sufficient CO2
our suppliers cannot make enough Dry Ice to meet customer

We are pleased to inform our customers that as Biocair is 100%
dedicated to serving the Pharmaceutical industry, we have been able to
secure continued supply of Dry Ice.

We are activating contingency plans to cover the expected shortage
period. If our level of supply or the time taken to establish normal
supply changes, we will inform you. To assist with our contingency
plans, we would request that if customers are able to supply their own
Dry Ice this would be extremely helpful, enabling us to preserve our
own stocks through this challenging period.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Account
Manager or Customer Services.

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