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Worldwide Shipping to the Middle East


Biocair received a request from a new client regarding management of worldwide cold chain shipments to Saudi Arabia. They had previously experienced a 45% failure rate of perishables due to high ambient temperatures in the Kingdom and long lead times which delayed research activity.

Saudi Arabia is notoriously complex in terms of shipping paperwork requirements.

To add to the complexity, a mixture of biologicals and chemicals, (both hazardous and non-hazardous material), required scrupulous inventory management and correct classification for transport.


Biocair worked with the client to implement specific SOPs to manage the cold chain, storage and vendor management project requirements.

Biocair also assisted the client with all paperwork requirements, saving the client time and ensuring ongoing compliance with the relevant regulations.

Biocair sourced reusable cold chain packaging to maintain the integrity of the products during transit. Average summer temperatures in Saudi Arabia reach 45⁰C, but temperatures of 54⁰C are not unusual. Biocair took great care to investigate the validation of cold chain packaging suitable for the client, to eliminate any potential temperature excursions. In addition, Biocair’s science professionals and quality team wrote robust SOPs to ensure that the required temperature was maintained


Biocair demonstrated their passion for introducing client-specific services by implementing a dedicated team to manage all aspects of the clients’ supply chain. This has resulted in ongoing successful delivery (near 100% success rate) of temperature controlled product and reduced delivery lead times.

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