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Speed and flexibility to deliver temperature-sensitive biospecimens

Customer: A clinical-stage immunotherapy company
Challenge: To transport patient specimens from the hospitals to the central lab
Solution: A flexible, end to end solution with immediate collection/delivery

With the transportation of patient specimens efficiency can extend life, find cures and ultimately help save lives.

Transporting these specimens require the services of a specialist courier as delays, losses or even the slightest change in temperature of the materials can have lethal consequences.

The daily functions of a hospital depend on the seamless movement of materials. In the case of biological transport, it is vital to rely on a partner with an in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, temperature-controlled solutions and life sciences logistics.

The company develops autologous and allogeneic therapies for cancer patients working with many domestic and international hospitals. Its central laboratories provide a range of advanced services with often short processing timelines.


The customer required a specialist courier to transport patient specimens rapidly and safely, sometimes at a moment’s notice. A customer spokesperson comments that “the project included the regular transport of biospecimens weekly, however, depending on the availability of the donors and staff, there is no fixed schedule and number of samples every week.”

patient specimens in test tubes
Patient specimens were transported from the IMU to the central laboratories

Immediate collection/delivery

Kevin Xu, General Manager at Biocair APAC, comments that “the customer was taking patient specimens from volunteers based at an early phase Investigational Medicine Unit (IMU) and they needed the specimens to be transported immediately to one of the central laboratories.”

Biocair supported the hospital staff with all the paperwork and packed the materials onsite using pre-validated packaging, including UN3373 compliant and dangerous goods packaging.

Last minute cancellations

Due to the reliance on volunteers for the biospecimens, the collection by Biocair to pick up the shipments had to be very flexible and details were often not confirmed by the customer until the morning of the collection day.

Xu comments that “Biocair drivers reserved their agendas on the planned collection dates and we gave the customer the flexibility to be able to cancel on us at a pretty late time on the collection date. We understood that, due to the nature of collaborating with volunteers, we would have to react efficiently to any changes and be there to support the customer whenever they needed us. Occasionally we receive an unplanned request for a 2 to 8.C shipping solution - while it is unplanned by the customer, we always keep a spare in our facility for them just in case, so that we are able to react accordingly and ensure there are no disruptions in our service to them.”


Careful planning, coordination and communication took place along each step between the client and Biocair to maximise the logistical steps needed for a successful operation.

The customer states that “Biocair was able to deliver the shipments on time, every time, and enabled us to focus more on the work itself, not the administrative and logistical burdens that come with transporting biospecimens.”

Biocair employee delivering box to customer
Biocair's service was rated 95% in a recent global customer survey

Biocair ensured a strong communication channel throughout the project and, before the project started, clearly identified the client’s needs and the type of service and solution they required. Biocair’s flexibility and willingness to provide a cost-effective solution were instrumental in making Biocair the preferred courier for this project.

When faced with critical timelines, life science companies rely on Biocair’s experience and know-how gained from over 30 years of being the specialist courier for the industry.

Biocair provides the most comprehensive service options available whilst delivering flexible, tailored, cost effective logistics solutions to all clients.

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