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Clinical trial logistics designed to fit every customer’s budget


Biocair was requested to participate in an RFQ for an existing client. The scope of the project was to deliver a solution for a worldwide clinical trial.

Our client's sponsor was keen to utilise an integrator service for the trial in order to meet the needs of their budget, however due to the complexity of some of the locations it was cited that a specialist courier was required for their expertise in cool chain and local export/import regulations.


A solution design team including commercial, operational and global regulatory compliance experts was established in order to identify the most cost effective solution, which met all of the operational, regulatory and service specification requirements.

On a country by country basis specific solutions were identified which optimised the use of commercial airlines, service partners and integrators.


Biocair presented the client with a solution that met all of their specified requirements, utilising a combination of Biocair’s specialist global knowledge and expertise with the cost benefits of using an integrator where possible to ensure both operational integrity and commercial viability of the project was achieved.

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