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First ever RKNe1 Envirotainer on Saudi Airlines to Jeddah


  • Biocair customer in UK required a consignment of cell lines to be shipped to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Consignment consisted of 1 pallet (120x100x70cms) plus 1 carton (50x40x40cms).
  • Must be kept at +2 to +8.C at all times during transit.
  • High Value – cannot afford to lose the product due to temperature excursion.


  • High temperatures (> +40.C) in Jeddah
  • Water based 2-8.C Passive solutions unsuitable.
  • PCM based 2-8.C Passive solutions unlikely to maintain beyond 96hrs.
  • Risk of transit time door-door exceeding 96hrs due customs clearance time.
  • High cost of returning pallet-sized PCM based solutions (if used)
  • Refrigerated Storage at Jeddah Airport unable to accommodate pallets.
  • No electrical plug-ins available in Jeddah for Envirotainer/C-Safe/UniCooler active aircraft containers.


  • Due diligence checks performed with other Airlines.
  • Airline with own bond/warehouse with electrical plug-ins identified.
  • Biocair’s requirements advised to airline – airline confirmed ok to these.
  • Biocair leased 1 x active temperature controlled aircraft container.
  • Consignment collected in our own dedicated (TCV), set @ +5.C
  • Consignment x-rayed / security screened & transferred to +5.C container.
  • Active container charged to 100% power at LHR.
  • Consignment flown to Jeddah & plugged into power supply on arrival.
  • Customs clearance and payment of duty/tax performed in Jeddah.
  • Consignment transferred to +5.C TCV following customs clearance.
  • Driven to consignee for final delivery.
  • Temperature Monitors retrieved, stopped, downloaded upon delivery.
  • Results emailed to shipper in UK – no excursions.

Photo: Envirotainer AB

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