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Bulk supply of clinical trial material to Ukraine


Biocair was made aware of a challenging shipping requirement for one of its clients. Working with a sponsor and a third party supply company our client was new to the clinical trials arena and as such there were many hurdles for them to overcome.

As well as direct to patient shipments our client had the task of providing bulk supply to regions including Ukraine. This was further complicated by uncertain patient recruitment in the area.

The bulk shipments were to be sent from the UK to Ukraine and the client stated it may happen at short notice and they really weren’t sure of volumes but would require a swift response in terms of both collection and delivery.

The third party company our client had engaged had several logistics companies in their suite of services but none could come up with a satisfactory solution without more definite timings and volumes.


Biocair provided several service options and secured the availability of the various different packaging and vehicle options providing the customer with complete piece of mind that every eventuality would be covered.

The call came in from the customer, the shipment was ready it was temperature controlled and it was 24 pallets and needed to move quickly. Having done all the initial groundwork Biocair confirmed all the paperwork with the people on the ground in Ukraine and a TCV was arranged to take the shipment to Ukraine.


The shipment arrived on-time in perfect condition and without a hitch. The client breathed a sigh of relief as tens of thousands of pounds of their product was at stake and being sent to a difficult and for them un-tested region.

Approximately a month later a similar frantic call was received and another 12 pallets of material was despatched with the same minimum of fuss. The client was delighted and the trial continues…

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