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Biocair wins new customer from non-specialist courier


Biocair received a telephone call on a Friday afternoon from a new client – their sponsor had sent an urgent blood sample with an integrator, which was now being held at the port of export. Despite numerous phone calls to the integrator the client had been unable to obtain any information regarding the cause of the delay or expected delivery schedule.

It was imperative that the sample be delivered in London the following morning, as the sample was frozen and with a limited shelf life. Failure to receive the sample within the given timeframe would have rendered the sample unviable and the patient would have to be recalled for further dosing and sampling.


Biocair immediately assigned a dedicated expert to manage the integrator, and provide regular updates both to the client and local sponsor.

Once the shipment had been located, Biocair arranged to recover the shipment from the integrator and re-packed the sample in a validated shipper to ensure the integrity of the sample was not compromised. Biocair then proceeded to book the shipment on the next flight out, arranged for express customs clearance at London Heathrow and scheduled a dedicated driver to deliver the shipment on Saturday morning.


The sample was delivered to the client on time and in good condition, demonstrating Biocair’s ability to react with a sense of urgency to any situation and to bring it to a positive conclusion.

Following this, the sponsor took the decision to transfer the entirety of the study to Biocair.

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