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Biocair reduces transit times to China


Biocair was contacted by one of the UK’s leading Pharmaceutical companies to design and implement a cost effective solution for the shipment of temperature sensitive R&D materials from Europe and the US to China within a 72hour turnaround time. Due to the time difference, flight transit times and complex import procedure for this type of material in to China the initial industry wisdom was that it would not be possible.


Not perturbed by this, same day collections and routes to allow next flight out were identified in each case to maximise the time available for clearance once the shipment had arrived in to China. A cross functional global team within Biocair then determined and agreed a specific process to facilitate the fast clearance required, with a driver on standby to deliver as soon as clearance was received.


Following implementation, Biocair has and continues to provide this service with additional export locations also successfully being added as the client has expanded over the past few years.

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