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Biocair delivers to the Faroe Islands in <24hrs


Biocair received a request from a UK-based producer of Molecular Control Panels, to send diagnostic reagents containing Fish Proteins, classed as UN3373, and packed in Dry Ice (-80.C) to Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. The challenge was first to find flight options, then to find an airline that would accept cargo, as well as Dry Ice and UN3373 which are both classed as Dangerous Goods by IATA.

As Biocair had not previously shipped to the Faroe Islands before, we also had to locate a reputable customs broker to perform urgent clearance and delivery as the destination is not an EU member country. As there are no dry ice producers on the Faroe Isles, we also had to ensure a relatively quick transit time (within 48hrs) to ensure no risk of the panels defrosting.


Within the space of a few hours, Biocair had identified an airline that operates direct flights from the UK to Torshavn, contacted the cargo department of the airline to confirm they would accept cargo on that particular flight and also Dangerous Goods class 6.1 and class 9. Biocair also established contact and agreement with a local broker in Torshavn to clear and deliver the consignment after arrival.

Biocair presented the solution and pricing to our customer which was accepted. The shipment was collected from the shipper in the UK at 10am on Monday 6th November and tendered immediately to the airline’s ground handler for the flight that evening. The shipment flew as booked arriving the same evening into Torshavn. Knowing the urgency, Biocair’s newly established agent performed rapid clearance and delivery on Tuesday morning and the shipment was delivered to the consignee in perfect condition at 08:52am (less than 24hrs after collection in the UK).


Biocair demonstrated their passion for providing fast, new and bespoke logistical solutions in order to deliver the client’s promise to their end customer.

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