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Biocair assists with a lab closure


Biocair received a request to organise the movement of the contents of a solvent store and several hundred valuable rare chemical building blocks. The move was a domestic shipment within the UK which had to be classified and completed within the next four days as the collection site was being closed down – the materials had been sold to another company. A list of solvents with approximate amounts was provided. A second list of the rare chemicals was also provided, also with approximate amounts. The collection company were unable to provide exact details or any hazard information for the materials.

All materials required packing, provision of packaging and dangerous goods paperwork, and same day shipment to the new owners of the materials.


Biocair worked with the client to identify the approximate packaging and labelling requirements prior to shipment. Biocair assigned an operative to the dedicated task to obtaining all required hazard information for the solvents and classifying for transport. All of the solvents were proven to be classified as dangerous goods under the UK regulations. For the rare chemicals a similar process was followed, though MSDSs were not available for the majority of the materials. Biocair then consulted with their internal chemical experts and those of the new owner to identify a worst case scenario hazard classification which met the dangerous goods regulations.

Once approximate hazard classifications had been completed Biocair attended site to begin sorting and packing the items. The Operative who had been assigned to the shipment attended site with two of Biocair’s specialist packaging and transport representatives to oversee the next stage of the process. On day one the solvent store was sorted and catalogued and amounts of material updated to ensure accuracy. On day two the solvents were packaged by the packaging and transport specialists, a process overseen by the Operative in charge of the consignment. The dangerous goods paperwork for the consignment had to be completed in situ to ensure absolute accuracy. The solvents were moved at the end of day two.

On day three the rare chemicals were sorted and individually wrapped. The many hundreds of vials were split by total maximum volume of material permitted per box and packaged. Transport to the final destination was completed on day three.


Biocair demonstrated the attention to detail required for a successful, compliant movement of large volumes of dangerous goods. As the collection site were unable to provide full details of the shipment Biocair went the extra mile to obtain accurate hazard information, and provided assistance in cataloguing exact amounts of the materials to be moved.

By assigning a technical expert to the consignment Biocair were able to ensure that a high level of organisation and flexibility could be achieved in execution of the actual shipment.

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