Temperature-controlled packaging and technology 

Whether clients are shipping individual biological samples or bulk drug pallets, Biocair's in-house packaging experts provide a range of industry-leading and fully validated packaging solutions for all temperature ranges. 


Advanced packaging and tracking for life science materials

Biocair puts patient safety and product integrity at the forefront of the life science supply chain with customized solutions that meet every temperature requirement.

Personalization, precision and speed drive every decision our experts make when evaluating and qualifying the latest temperature-controlled packaging and tracking solutions. 

Our team includes specialists in packaging, quality and compliance, technology, logistics and supply chain management. These experts work collaboratively to deliver consignments on-time, in-full (OTIF), with dedicated customer support throughout.  

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Temperature-controlled packaging solutions

We offer industry-leading, temperature-controlled packaging solutions that adhere to ISTA standards. Our fleet of packaging covers all cold chain temperature ranges:  

  • Controlled ambient: +15ºC to +25ºC
  • Refrigerated: +2ºC to +8ºC
  • Frozen: -15ºC to -25ºC
  • Deep frozen: -60ºC to -80ºC
  • Cryofrozen: -150ºC and below 

Our packaging specialists evaluate temperature-controlled packaging solutions for each unique consignment, identifying products that offer the best thermal performance depending on shipment method, route, seasonal and cross-hemisphere temperatures variations and duration of transit.  

Cold chain packaging and temperature monitoring

Maintaining consignment integrity is vital. Biocair uses the latest advanced cold chain packaging and temperature monitoring solutions to prioritize integrity throughout the global supply chain.

Our experts provide dynamic, customized solutions and value-added services for our clients: 

  • Flexible and global packaging solutions for all temperature ranges  
  • A dedicated logistics team to provide live updates 
  • 24/7 condition and location monitoring  
  • Commitment to delivering on-time, in-full 
  • Packaging qualification expertise for technical and commercial evaluation 

Extensive experience in temperature-controlled logistics enables our team to advise on cold chain packaging and monitoring solutions, ensuring each pharmaceutical, clinical trial or other biologic consignment arrives on-time, in-full, every time.  

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Solutions for pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and other life sciences

Our dedicated team are renowned for their expertise and proven track record in life science packaging and technology. 


Shipment condition monitoring

Biocair has full capabilities to actively monitor any shipment based on client needs. Our experts will identify any possible temperature change, tampering, mishandling or exposure to shock, light or other environmental factors. 


Dynamic routing

Flexibility is central to our approach. Our global network and logistics expertise enable Biocair to design the most efficient route for your consignment every time. 


On-time, in-full

Biocair is committed to delivering all shipments OTIF for the benefit of our customers and to reduce waste. Our success rate speaks for itself: 99.96% shipments arrive in good condition.

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Experts in temperature-controlled packaging

Having a dedicated Packaging Team allows us to deliver advanced packaging solutions that meet all cold supply chain requirements, while close collaboration with our suppliers allows our specialists to explore the widest range of options for our clients.   

All packaging and containers are rigorously tested in-house through qualification procedures to ensure compliance to worldwide industry standards, with single-use and reusable packaging options available. 

The active and passive packaging solutions we offer enhance thermal performance and resist the effects of external temperatures and environments. Active and passive packaging are sourced from industry-leading, globally recognized brands.

Qualification testing for advanced therapies

No matter the type of shipment, using fully validated and qualified packaging is essential for maintaining product integrity. 

But, temperature and regulatory requirements for transporting cell and gene therapies are especially stringent.

Our packaging experts work closely with customers and packaging manufacturers to ensure reliable solutions for personalized medicines. 


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Cold chain location and condition monitoring

Tracking technology is key to delivering life science products on-time, in-full. Biocair uses the latest condition and location monitoring technology for world-class cold chain logistics.

Our team is constantly researching and evaluating new temperature and condition monitoring solutions, including 5G monitoring options, to enhance the data available to customers throughout the supply chain. 

Contact our team today for support with your packaging and tracking technology requirements. 

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FAQ icon

What temperatures ranges can Biocair support?

We provide validated and pre-conditioned packaging to suit the following temperature ranges:

+15ºC to +25ºC 

+2ºC to +8ºC 

-15ºC to -25ºC

-60ºC to -80ºC 

-150ºC and below

My materials require liquid nitrogen for transport – do you supply the dewars?

Yes. We operate a global network of liquid nitrogen shipping stations.

Our pre-filled liquid nitrogen dewars (also known as dry shippers) are rigid, lightweight and do not require a pallet for transport – they can be hand carried throughout hospital and clinical environments.

How long will Biocair’s dry ice boxes last?

The number of days a Biocair dry ice box will last depends on the size of the box we use and the quantity of dry ice added. We only use boxes which will hold sufficient quantity of dry ice for the transit involved.

A smaller dry ice box with 8-10 kgs is appropriate for domestic and short-haul (2-3 days max) transits.

For long-haul shipments, we will use a large system for up to 200 kgs of dry ice (4-5 days max).

Do you offer GPS and temperature monitors? Can we download the information ourselves?

Of course. You will be able to view and download all the data once the shipment has been received.

We also offer a ‘live’ monitoring functionality, allowing you to see the data in real time during transit.

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