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Biocair is a global leader in cold chain logistics for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, developing personalized, GDP-compliant shipping solutions for every consignment.


Cold chain transport for bioscience & pharma

Temperature control and cold chain transport are more complex than just maintaining low temperatures.

Biocair’s global logistics experts understand that proactively managing the condition of a pharmaceutical consignment as it moves through the supply chain is vital.

Our experience enables Biocair to identify and mitigate any risks when cold chain transporting life-saving medicines for patients.

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Enhanced visibility

Biocair can provide full visibility including temperature, pressure, light, tilt, humidity and GPS tracking.


Contingency planning

We understand the temperature failure risk factors within the cold chain and mitigate them wherever possible.


Advanced packaging

Biocair’s experts in temperature control logistics ensure pre-conditioned and qualified packaging solutions are tailored to your cold chain shipping requirements.


Temperature management

  • Controlled ambient: +15ºC to +25ºC
  • Refrigerated: +2ºC to +8ºC
  • Frozen: -15ºC to -25ºC
  • Deep frozen: -60ºC to -80ºC
  • Cryo frozen: -150ºC and below
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The experts in white glove logistics

Our trusted drivers will take responsibility for packing your consignment on-site for transportation and our advanced monitoring technologies will record the temperature and condition of your cold chain shipment throughout transit.

Any potential complications are anticipated well in advance and pre-emptive action is taken so that your products, materials or samples are safely transported, ensuring we deliver for your patients on time and every time.

Our comprehensive contingency procedures and proactive management certify that the pharmaceutical cold chain is never compromised during transport.

Supporting your cold chain logistics at every stage

Biocair will support your pharmaceutical cold chain management needs at every stage, from R&D and clinical trials through to manufacturing and distribution, with a personalized approach to collection, shipping and delivery:

  • Supply of pre-conditioned and validated packaging
  • On-site packing, including provision of dry ice
  • Temperature recording at all points of shipping via monitors
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Having the temperature monitor included provided that added peace of mind.

When using Biocair, I'm confident that my temperature-sensitive packages will arrive in good condition.

Laboratory & Business Operations Manager

Global biotech company, Cambridge (US)

Biocair pharmaceutical cold chain logistics management
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Confidence in every cold chain shipment

At Biocair, every detail is scrutinized to guarantee that our cold chain logistics solution delivers your shipment to its end user at the appropriate temperature.

Our experts track the temperature of every shipment throughout its journey, taking action to refresh with dry ice during transit, if required. We give you confidence in the safety of your cold chain consignment from the start to the finish of its journey.

Contact our team today for support with your pharmaceutical cold chain logistics and management requirements.

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What temperatures ranges can Biocair support?

We provide validated and pre-conditioned packaging to suit the following temperature ranges:

• +15 to +25.C (Controlled Ambient)
• +2 to +8.C (Refrigerated)
• -15 to -25.C (Frozen)
• -60 to -80.C (Deep Frozen)
• Under -150.C (Cryo Frozen)

My materials require liquid nitrogen for transport – do you supply the dewars?

Yes. We operate a global network of liquid nitrogen shipping stations.

Our pre-filled liquid nitrogen dewars (also known as dry shippers) are rigid, lightweight and do not require a pallet for transport – they can be hand carried throughout hospital and clinical environments.

How long will Biocair’s dry ice boxes last?

The number of days a Biocair dry ice box will last depends on the size of the box we use and the quantity of dry ice added. We only use boxes which will hold sufficient quantity of dry ice for the transit involved.

A smaller dry ice box with 8-10 kgs is appropriate for domestic and short-haul (2-3 days max) transits.

For long-haul shipments, we will use a large system with minimum 15-20 kgs of dry ice.

Do you offer GPS and temperature monitors? Can we download the information ourselves?

Of course. You will be able to view and download all the data once the shipment has been received.

We also offer a ‘live’ monitoring functionality, allowing you to see the data in real time during transit.

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