Biocair shortlisted for Global Environmental and Sustainability Award: ‘Unique in the industry’

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Global specialist in life sciences logistics, Biocair, has been nominated for an environmental sustainability award by a global pharmaceutical company. 

One of several shortlisted in the Environmental Sustainability category, Biocair developed a closed loop supply chain consisting of fully reusable packaging designed and implemented by the company’s global team of Customer Solutions Specialists.

Collaborating with an international pharmaceutical company, the project extended across a selection of customer sites in North America and Europe, where Biocair utilised reusable packaging on qualifying lanes and shipments.

Christopher Good, Customer Solutions Design and Implementation Manager at Biocair, said, “We set out to reduce wastage, emissions and landfill contributions, knowing that there was the potential to implement a customised closed loop supply chain utilising reusable packaging. This project is unique in the industry, allowing Biocair to provide an improved overall service, with environmental benefits and associated net savings to the customer. The results for 2019 have been outstanding – approximately 9000kg has been saved from landfill and we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 8.5 tonnes.”

In 2020, Biocair is fully committed to identifying further suitable shipping lanes or projects where it can implement similar processes. For more information, please contact


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Decorative hexagons