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Biocair takes home two awards at the APAC Cell & Gene Therapy Awards

Biocair APAC CGT awards
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Biocair is thrilled to be announced as the winner of two awards at the esteemed Asia-Pacific Cell & Gene Therapy Excellence Awards that took place on 14 September 2023 in Singapore.  

Attended by Nicholas Jayaselan, Biocair's APAC Operations Manager, the awards ceremony shone a spotlight on outstanding pioneers, researchers, innovators and manufacturers in the cell and gene therapy field who are fostering rapid advancements in new therapies, research and development and manufacturing processes.

Cell and gene therapy, which enables personalized medicine for patients, represents a groundbreaking approach to combating diseases. These time-sensitive and transformative therapies demand logistics solutions that match their innovation.

Biocair's enduring commitment to excellence in pharmaceutical, biotech and life science logistics has earned the company prestigious accolades in two key categories:

  • Best Cell & Gene Therapy Supplier Award – APAC
  • Best Cell & Gene Therapy Supplier Award – Supply Chain Excellence

These honors, determined by votes from the public and the CGT community, highlight the exceptional contributions of Biocair to the cell and gene therapy sector. Of particular pride is the "Supply Chain Excellence" award, acknowledging the company's impactful efforts in enhancing services for the CGT community.

Kevin Xu, APAC General Manager at Biocair, says “We are thrilled to be announced as winners at this industry-leading awards ceremony. We have heavily invested time and money to ensure we deliver the best service to the cell and gene community, so to be recognized for that is absolutely outstanding. I’d like to thank the whole Biocair team for their unwavering commitment to our customers and also the global scientific community for their trust in working with Biocair as we continue to move science forward together.” 

Biocair's dedication to this growing sector is evident through strategic investments in cell and gene therapy logistics. The company has assembled a dedicated team of specialists offering 24-hour global support. Additionally, they have recently partnered with Trakcel to establish a chain of custody, ensuring complete visibility of orders in transit for all stakeholders.

As a firm goal, Biocair aims to be the most trusted and reliable cell and gene therapy logistics provider. To explore opportunities for collaboration and discover more, please contact us.


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