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Gene therapy for cancer treatment, T-cell and DNA.
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On Tuesday 8 June (11AM ET, 4PM BST and 5PM CEST) Christopher Good, Director of Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics at Biocair, will explore how interconnectivity between physical locations will likely remain a challenge to the supporting global supply chain in the post-pandemic world.

With commercial passenger flights predominantly used by the specialist logistics sector to meet the exacting transportation needs, ongoing instability of commercial flight schedules will impact the availability of options to support time sensitive movement around the world.

Strategies that have been successful throughout the past year are likely to continue to be relevant in the post pandemic world - with trusted relationships, consistent communication and contact between stakeholders remaining vital to building and maintaining a successful cell and gene therapy supply chain.

Key learning points from this webinar include:

  • Discovering the transport options for cell and gene therapy logistics
  • Understanding the anticipated ongoing impact to supply chain logistics
  • Strategies to navigate this period of change

To attend the webinar 'Successfully navigating cell and gene therapy supply chains in the post-pandemic world' on Tuesday 8 June (11AM ET, 4PM BST and 5PM CEST), please register here.

Each attendee will also receive a complimentary Executive Summary following the webinar.

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Chris Good Biocair

Christopher Good - Director of Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics, Biocair
Based in Cambridge (UK), Chris has global responsibility for Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics at Biocair. Since joining Biocair in 2002 Chris has worked in a variety of roles, demonstrating Biocair’s unique client centric approach leading teams to deliver in a wide range of challenging situations - to include the complex supply chain needs of commercial distribution for FDA approved therapies.


Vu Lam edited

Vu Lam - Supply Chain Analyst, Repertoire Immune Medicines
With 6 years of logistics and supply chain experience, Vu helps to find modern solutions to today’s supply chain problems.




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