Biocair to exhibit At CAR-T Congress EU 2019

3D illustration of T cells attacking a cancer cell (CAR-T cell therapy)
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Biocair, the global logistics specialist for the life sciences industry, returns to CAR-T Congress which is taking place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London (UK) from January 30th to 31st, 2019. During the congress Biocair will present its range of temperature-controlled solutions, including the capability to ship and store living cells at cryogenic temperatures worldwide.

Speaking about Biocair’s attendance at the CAR-T Congress, Arnaud Benichou, VP Head of Sales at Biocair, comments that the “reduced cost and proven efficacy of CAR-T has contributed to the next innovations in the pharma supply chain. With this, the traditional practices associated with shipping mass produced biologics can no longer be used as temperature-controlled environments, including -150°C to -196°C, must be used to ensure the integrity of biopharmaceutical products, therapeutic materials or patient biological samples from the point of collection to the final delivery. Biocair’s global network of offices are fully equipped to handle the supply chain complexities of transporting high-value and time-sensitive CAR-T cell therapies”.

Gene therapies are temperature sensitive and have limited lifespans, to this end Biocair electronically monitors in real time the temperature of these cells and has contingency procedures in place to arrange replenishment of coolants or transfer to appropriate temperature-controlled storage.

For more information, or to book a meeting with one of Biocair's experts during CAR-T, contact Biocair.


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Decorative hexagons