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Biocair joins Pharma.Aero’s global network
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As a leading provider of time-sensitive and temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sectors, Biocair is pleased to announce we are now a member of Pharma.Aero’s global network. 

Pharma.Aero connects stakeholders across the life science industry 

Pharma.Aero offers a collaborative platform connecting life science manufacturers, certified cargo communities and industry stakeholders to a range of opportunities. These include expanding networks, championing projects, sharing information and creating seamless logistics networks – all with the aim of addressing key life science industry challenges. 

Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero, welcomes Biocair as one of its newest associate partners: 

“Biocair is a great asset to our global community of life science and MedTech supply chain stakeholders, bringing in specialized insights into the complex logistics of the future, especially in cell and gene therapies, to which our entire logistics industry needs to take a giant leap. The expertise and knowledge of an associate partner as Biocair is fundamental to our Pharma.Aero collaboration platform and to our industry."  

Continuing collaboration on pharmaceutical supply chain innovations 

Biocair is proud to be part of Pharma.Aero's growing network. Following our seamless collaboration on Pharma.Aero’s Cell and Gene Therapies Project, we are eager to continue contributing to innovative projects within the partnership.  

Michael De Beuckelaer, Business Development Manager at Biocair, shares this sentiment:  

“Biocair’s vision of thinking forward and Pharma.Aero’s insights will bring contributions to new innovative solutions. Biocair will also provide their input in the projects from Pharma.Aero making it possible for Biocair to be on the front line of innovating the new pharmaceutical supply chain.” 


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