Biocair invests in reusable packaging

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Biocair has invested in increasing stocks of temperature-controlled reusable packaging across a variety of its sites globally. With growing environmental concerns about the amount of waste going to landfill, where conditions allow, Biocair is implementing new closed loop supply chains utilising high performance PCM packaging technology.

By implementing a standardised stock of reusable packaging within a closed loop, each time a shipment is made against conventional single-use packaging Biocair is working with its customers to help limit destruction and waste. Biocair’s range of temperature-controlled packaging is available to be provided for many standard shipment temperatures, including controlled ambient (15 to 25ºC), refrigerated (2 to 8ºC) and frozen (-15 to -25ºC).

liquid nitrogen dry shipper from biocair
Biocair's range of temperature-controlled solutions now includes liquid nitrogen dry shippers


Biocair’s extensive packaging solutions cover a range of both active and passive technologies, ensuring materials remain within the required temperature ranges at all times, while in transit or in storage. Christopher Good, Customer Solutions Manager at Biocair, comments “as many of Biocair’s shipments contain clinical biological samples that are both time and temperature sensitive, and can also contain infectious agents or cells, our packaging solutions are fully tailored to the customers’ requirements and comply with various regulations. We understand that the success of our customers’ product, patient safety and reputation is dependant on us”.

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