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Biocair commits to its sustainability ambitions with new electric vans

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Driving towards a commitment to becoming a net zero business by 2040, Biocair has added 100% electric vans to its fleet of delivery and collection vehicles.

Biocair has today announced the introduction of 100% electric vans to its Cambridge fleet as part of its ongoing sustainability strategy. The introduction of the vans reflects Biocair’s dedication to more sustainable business practices, as recognized by its 2022 EcoVadis silver medal award, and they will be used to complete deliveries and collections at ambient temperatures.

The medal was given in recognition of the introduction and mapping of new sustainability practices in 2021 to help minimize Biocair’s global footprint. The EcoVadis rating, which is one of the world’s most comprehensive assessments of social, ethical and environmental business practices, was awarded in 2022. The business won a silver medal which recognized its strengths across four pillars, spanning the environment, labor, human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Stephen Cawley, Head of Sustainability & Carl Keywood, UK Transport Manager

Describing the new fleet, Carl Keywood, Biocair’s UK Transport Manager added “It is an exciting time for Biocair. The introduction of the Maxus eDeliver 9 vehicles will be utilized in the Cambridge area, a world-class life sciences hub and home to many of our customers. Biocair plans to introduce more electric vehicles across a range of locations globally, whilst continuing to invest in supporting infrastructure."

Biocair’s dedicated sustainability strategy, ‘Bringing the Future to Life’, aims to drive change across its business, being the key enabler to fostering responsible growth. It supports Biocair’s ambition to become a net-zero business by 2040, and will focus on four key areas of activity:

Climate action – Mapping and reducing impact across Biocair’s transport operations, energy consumption and resource use.

Circular economy – Innovating in sustainable packaging, circular packaging solutions and waste reduction initiatives.

Employee and worker welfare – Keeping employees and the workers in the Biocair supply chain safe, healthy and engaged.

Social impact – Connecting to local communities and impacting wider society positively.

Biocair 100% electric vehicles

Stephen Cawley, Biocair’s Head of ESG and Sustainability commented “We believe sustainability has a key role to play in helping us meet and exceed customers’ expectations and secure our position amongst the leaders in the future of life sciences logistics. By introducing its first electric vehicles to the fleet, Biocair is delivering on its commitment to becoming a net zero business and making a positive difference to the local communities where it operates.”



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