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Biocair expands cryogenic services for cell and gene therapy

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Biocair, the leading courier for global cell and gene clinical trials, has added new locations to the company's network of liquid nitrogen facilities worldwide, including several locations across the US, continental Europe and Asia.

Biocair has developed a highly customized project-based approach to the challenging requirements of the clinical and commercial cell and gene markets, providing chain of custody provision across every touchpoint, total transparency in supply chain design and unrivalled short transit times (12 – 36hrs). Biocair’s specialist services are precisely documented in standard operating procedures and are regularly audited by its 8,000 life science customers across the world.

In a recent cell and gene study, Biocair’s dry shippers were positioned and filled with liquid nitrogen within a one hour driving distance of the therapy manufacturing site and were supplied to the customer ready to ship the same day. Exceeding all the customer's requirements, Biocair’s completely customised supply chain ensured delivery within 12 - 36hrs to hospitals across Europe under strict time and temperature requirements. Biocair’s liquid nitrogen dry shippers are rigid, lightweight and do not require a pallet for transport – they can be hand carried throughout hospital and clinical environments.

With cell and gene therapies moving into the clinical trial phase for a wide variety of life-changing and lethal diseases, the results of these studies and their potential impact to patients and the sector are incalculable. This makes transportation of the materials and securing the supply chain absolutely critical. Patient samples can be bio-hazardous, time critical and have an extremely short shelf-life.

For more information about Biocair's liquid nitrogen shipping solutions for cell and gene therapy, contact your local office.


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