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Biocair sponsors ESGCT Annual Congress 2019

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Biocair will be sponsoring the European Society Of Gene & Cell Therapy (ESGCT) Annual Congress in Barcelona. Taking place during 22-25 October 2019, the ESGCT Annual Congress brings together scientists working in the fields of cell and gene therapy.

The increased growth of cell and gene therapies in recent years has created a requirement for personalised medicine and therefore the traditional pharma supply chain has had to evolve. Speaking about the increased pressure on the cell and gene supply chain, Chris Good, Customer Solutions Design and Implementation Manager at Biocair, comments “the quality of logistics provided is now fundamental to the success of the treatment and therefore attracts increased requirements, scrutiny and oversight. As logistics is now part of the treatment process, cell and gene therapy companies must ensure that it is controlled in a similar way to a more traditional drug manufacturing process. The enhanced requirements, complexity and scrutiny are why this represents a great fit for Biocair.”

The Biocair team will be located at booth number 60 in the Banquet Hall. Biocair’s logistics services to the cell and gene therapy supply chain include:

• Documented and rehearsed contingency plans with the ability to react and implement in real time
• Robust procedures to control and qualify reusable packaging for each individual use
• Operational oversight of the full supply chain, including strict chain of identity/custody control and highly functional out of hours service.

To arrange a private meeting during the ESGCT Annual Congress 2019, or to learn more about Biocair’s supply chain solutions for cell and gene therapy, contact marketing@biocair.com.


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