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Biocair is selected as the specialist courier for a national clinical trial

Clinical trial medicine.
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Biocair has recently collaborated with University College London (UCL) to be the principal courier for a national clinical trial taking place in the United Kingdom. The study, aimed at researching stroke prevention, treatment and management, involves a network of over 50 hospitals and in excess of 10,000 patients.

Transporting clinical trial samples can be a very challenging task as each trial is unique and requires a customised product collection/delivery programme. Biocair’s network of transport specialists organised ‘daisy chain operations’ and provided pre-conditioned packaging at each collection point, whereby Biocair experts packed the samples on site under the supervision of the customer. In the event of any issue that could arise during transport, Biocair had contingency procedures in place to arrange replenishment of coolants or transfer to appropriate cold chain storage.

A Clinical Trial Manager at UCL commented that “I have worked with many couriers whom we have supplier agreements with and, to be honest, we have had many problems, including collection/delivery delays and sometimes the integrity of the invaluable samples had been compromised upon arrival. We were made aware of Biocair following a recommendation from a biobank. Biocair was given the task of collecting all boxes from each site as cost effective as possible using the most efficient transport routes from collection to delivery point and has risen to this task with impeccable detail, outstanding logistical planning and second to none customer service.”

Biocair’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff has amassed over 30 years of experience and now ships to over 150 countries, with a network of offices across the US, Europe, Africa and Asia. For more information, or to discuss your clinical trial requirements with an experienced customer service representative, contact your local office.


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