Pharmaceutical supply chain & Shipping

Biocair’s vast experience in specialist logistics enables our experts to develop pharmaceutical supply chain solutions, often exceeding the needs of our clients and patients, whilst providing industry-leading customer service.

Pharmaceutical shipping

Commercial pharmaceutical consignments are as variable in their shipping requirements as other sectors, but often materials need to be transported in bulk.

Biocair’s logistics experts will design a comprehensive pharmaceutical supply chain solution that meets your shipping requirements, from utilising advanced tracking and temperature technologies to paperwork completion and on-site packing.

Biocair pharmaceutical shipping

End-to-End visibility

Biocair provides full visibility for all consignments throughout the pharmaceutical shipping process.


Temperature control

We employ scientists in frontline logistics roles – we know how vital maintaining temperature is in ensuring product integrity.

secure shipments

Secure shipments

The high value of pharmaceutical shipments requires extra steps to ensure the safety and security of materials in transit.


Regulatory compliance

Biocair’s in-house Quality and Compliance Team provides expert advice on all aspects of import/export regulations, including GDP, ISO and FDA requirements.

Biocair pharmaceutical shipping RKN
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Tailored pharmaceutical shipping

Each pharmaceutical shipping solution is personalised to the needs of the client.

Our expertise in the following areas enables us to design cost-efficient and optimised solutions, exceeding client expectations in this sector:

  • Door to door transport of active temperature-controlled shipping containers, including RKNs and RAPs
  • Assistance and advice for import/export licenses, enabling swift customs clearance
  • Temperature monitoring throughout transportation
  • Provision of validated packaging and dry ice (if applicable)

Pharmaceutical courier services

Biocair’s global fleet of Temperature-Controlled Vehicles (TCVs) is accompanied by highly trained and experienced driving staff, all delivering a first-class pharmaceutical courier service:

  • On-site packing
  • State-of-the-art TCVs
  • Temperature mapped and validated vehicles
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Remote telemetry for temperature reporting

Trust Biocair with your pharmaceutical shipping requirements, contact our team today.

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As the pharmaceutical freight needed to be transported under strict temperature-controlled conditions to maintain product integrity, we installed custom temperature monitoring and GPS hardware.

Through shared access to temperature and location data, Biocair enabled the customer to view the data when required.

Andrew Moss, Operations Manager Scotland


Case studyPharmaceutical materials worth $1.4 million shipped via ocean freight

The customer required a specialist pharmaceutical shipping company capable of reliably transporting its valuable research from the UK to the US via the most efficient method.

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Does Biocair offer a ‘white glove’ logistics service?

Yes. Our experienced Drivers arrive on-site with pre-conditioned packaging, and then prepare your materials for transport in front of you. We will then deliver the materials at the recipient’s site.

What temperature ranges can Biocair support?

We provide validated and pre-conditioned packaging to suit the following temperature ranges:

+15 to +25.C (Controlled Ambient)
+2 to +8.C (Refrigerated)
-15 to -25.C (Frozen)
-60 to -80.C (Deep Frozen)
Under -150.C (Cryo Frozen)

Do you offer GPS and temperature monitors? Can we download the information ourselves?

Of course. You will be able to view and download all the data once the shipment has been received. We also offer a ‘live’ monitoring functionality, allowing you to see the data in real time during transit.

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