Cell & gene supply chain services

Cell and gene therapies are fragile, invaluable and potentially life-saving. Biocair’s global supply chain solutions are meticulously designed to meet these unique requirements and are personalised to the needs of every consignment.

Cell & gene therapy logistics

As logistics experts who understand the time-critical nature of personalised medicine and the required expert coordination between the patient, clinic and laboratory, Biocair recognises that any disruption in the cell and gene therapy supply chain could compromise the success of treatment, and potentially, the life of a patient.

We will work with your team to develop and implement a personalised solution that supports your cell and gene therapy logistics needs.

Each unique solution is built around our core service by the dedicated Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics Team and handled by our supply chain management experts throughout its journey.

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Global monitoring

Our dedicated team maintain the chain of identity throughout transit, keeping you fully updated on each stage of the supply chain and ensuring your critical shipment is delivered as planned.


24/7 support

We ensure that you will be able to speak to one of our knowledgeable team about your sensitive shipment when required.


Project management

Each shipment is treated uniquely and is handled by a project management team to implement the optimal logistical solutions.


Regulatory compliance

Our solutions comply to GDP and IATA requirements, and we can support our clients with regulatory requirements as well as completion of critical shipping paperwork.

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Cell & gene therapy supply chain

Our flexibility in service provision and supply chain management is unrivaled in the industry and we achieve this by maintaining our expertise in this rapidly evolving industry. A dedicated team will implement the optimal solution, ensuring a risk-free service with the patient central to our thinking.

Biocair collaborates directly with manufacturers on the design, production, supply and validation of temperature-controlled packaging systems, with cutting-edge solutions for all temperature requirements, including cryogenically frozen (< -150.C / -238. F).

We operate strategically positioned Biocair liquid nitrogen service stations globally, enabling us to quickly respond to client needs wherever you are located.

Personalised logistics

Biocair’s rapid turnaround, real-time tracking and global monitoring ensure valuable shipments are delivered on time.

With 24/7 collection and delivery all year round, it is why we are globally recognised as one of the leading cell and gene therapy logistics suppliers.

To address the challenges surrounding the shipment of fresh apheresis, we're working with Biocair as our logistics and chain of custody partner. We’ve benefited from the real-time tracking of shipments that Biocair provides.

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Biocair cell gene therapy logistics support

Expert supply chain support

We assign dedicated individual experts to each project, with on-call, round-the-clock support to avoid any disruption to the transit of your consignment.

It is this personalised approach to cell and gene therapy supply chain management that enables Biocair to exceed client expectations. We meet the precise demands that cell and gene therapy logistics require anywhere across the globe.

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Case studyDelivering personalised supply chains for autologous cell therapies

The customer develops cell therapy platforms for a variety of solid tumors. Biocair was contacted to collect and transport the cells to the manufacturing site in Europe, and then ship them back to the patients in the US.

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InsightCell and gene therapy supply chain during COVID-19

In our latest Insight you will learn how COVID-19 has impacted the cell and gene therapy supply chain.

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Why does Biocair have a dedicated Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics Team?

The addition of a dedicated Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics Team provides advanced levels of support and understanding to the sector.

Through direct contact with the Team, Biocair offers unrivalled levels of customer service built on many years’ experience with a focus clearly on the patient, facilitating tailored support for individual clients and products around the core cell & gene therapy logistics service.

What experience does Biocair have in transporting advanced therapies?

Biocair has gained extensive experience over the past decade, including commercial product over the past 5 years and continues to support the complex supply chain needs of therapies at each stage of development, from early research phases, through clinical trial to commercial distribution.

Additional support is also provided to clients in relation to areas such as regulatory information support, onsite training as well as packaging design and validation.

Can you offer round the clock support?

Yes. We provide 24/7 collection, delivery and support, including weekends and holidays, with on-site training available.

Do you offer GPS monitors? Can we download the information ourselves?

Of course. You will be able to view and download all the data once the shipment has been received. We also offer a ‘live’ monitoring functionality, allowing you to see the data in real time during transit.

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