Biocair Customs Brokerage LLC

Choosing the right Customs Broker is often as important as selecting the right logistics partner. To this end, we are proud to introduce Biocair Customs Brokerage LLC - our own dedicated in-house customs brokerage firm.

Importing into the United States

Biocair Customs Brokerage LLC specialises in helping the scientific community navigate the complexities of importing into the United States.

Our Brokerage Division will ensure the utmost care, knowledge and attention is placed on the swift and compliant clearance of your goods through Customs and any US Partner Government Agency, all while offering you a world-class customer service experience.

Let us partner with you in orchestrating the seamless importation and customs clearance of your materials. For your partner in life science logistics and customs brokerage, look no further than Biocair.

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Classification, valuation, the Automated Commercial Environment, Partner Government Agencies… there is so much to know! Navigating the customs entry process can be overwhelming. Our Team is standing by, ready to help you understand and manage this responsibility.



While the importation of your materials must be compliant, the process should also be as fast and as painless as possible. We implement proven best documentation practices and take a proactive approach to the process.



Biocair has always provided industry-leading levels of support to the life sciences supply chain. We are proud to now offer it for customs brokerage as well! Whether your questions are about documentation, regulatory compliance, or a specific government agency, look to us for expertise.


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Why do I need a Customs Broker?

Brokers facilitate the clearance of goods across borders and are highly trained in the regulations of their respective countries. The United States has many Partner Government Agencies, and your importation may be regulated by one or more of them. The Broker ensures the filing of an entry to Customs and those Agencies, and can pay the duty on your behalf.  

I’m shipping materials for Research and Development (R&D) only. What do I need to know?

Articles that are imported solely for R&D are still subject to the same rules and regulations that govern commercial shipments, though some aspects may differ. Importers of R&D materials are still expected to exhibit reasonable care in entering, classifying and determining other legal requirements for their imports. Biocair Customs Brokerage LLC is here to help for these very reasons.

How fast can Biocair Customs Brokerage LLC clear my goods?

The systems exist for “wheels up” clearance. In many cases an import can be fully released before that aircraft even touches down. This is where we thrive.

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