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Qualified and validated packaging is key to the success of CGT supply chains. We ensure that all packaging solutions are qualified for your unique requirements, wherever and whenever you ship.

Dedication to personalised logistics

Biocair’s Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) Team is made up of a diverse group of experts who deliver personalised logistics solutions. The team understands that each CGT shipment requires strict timelines and temperature control, and that every handling within the chain of custody is equally important.

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Cell and Gene Therapy is the future of medicine.

Brian Lemay, Cell and Gene Therapy Logistics Specialist


Comprehensive CGT solutions

Our CGT supply chain management includes expertise in packaging, logistics, quality and regulatory compliance, so that our clients and health care professionals can focus on developing and delivering life-saving treatments.

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Hear what our experts have to say about the future of medicine in Biocair’s Cell and Gene Therapy video series. Look out for upcoming episodes in our CGT series. 

1. Moving cell and gene therapy forward

2. Establishing a team of experts

3. Delivering comprehensive logistics solutions

4. Biocair values in action

5. Packaging qualification for shipping advanced therapies

The team offers comprehensive and flexible services, including:

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Comprehensive on-time and in-full (OTIF) services


Optimised shipping routes with back up options to meet strict time, temperature and regulatory requirements


24/7 monitoring and dedicated team support


Protocol development and qualification of packaging materials and systems


Reliable chain of identity and chain of custody


Training support within your extended supply chain

Confidence in your CGT supply chain

The science-based and collaborative approach taken by the CGT team is setting the highest standards for cell and gene therapy logistics. Learn how we can become part of your CGT research, clinical trial and manufacturing processes.

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Every time I am sitting at my computer staring at spreadsheets it is so we can onboard a piece of machinery that somebody is going to use to get lifesaving drugs to their patient and that is very rewarding.

Emily Gaither, Packaging Solutions Coordinator