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Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about temperature-controlled life sciences logistics.


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Does Biocair offer a ‘white glove’ logistics service?

Yes. Our experienced drivers arrive on-site with pre-conditioned packaging, and then prepare your materials for transport in front of you. We will then deliver the materials to the recipient’s site.

Do you have a global network?

With around 600 colleagues worldwide providing specialist logistics services to more than 160 countries through a global network of partners, our offices are located in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, USA, South Africa, China, Singapore and India.

What temperature ranges can Biocair support?

We provide validated and pre-conditioned temperature-controlled packaging to suit the following temperature ranges:

· +15 to +25.C – Controlled Ambient

· +2 to +8.C – Refrigerated

· -15 to -25.C – Frozen

· -60 to -80.C – Deep Frozen

· Under -150.C – Cryo Frozen (Liquid Nitrogen)

Do you provide GPS monitors? Can we download the information ourselves?

Of course. You will be able to view and download all the data once the shipment has been received.

We also offer a ‘live’ monitoring functionality, allowing you to see the data in real-time during transit.

My materials require liquid nitrogen for transport – do you supply the dewars?

Yes. We operate a global network of liquid nitrogen shipping stations.

Our pre-filled liquid nitrogen dewars (also known as dry shippers) are rigid, lightweight and do not require a pallet for transport – they can be hand carried throughout hospital and clinical environments.

What experience does Biocair have in transporting advanced therapies?

Biocair has gained extensive experience over the past decade to support the complex supply chain needs of therapies at each stage of development, from early research phases through clinical trial and commercial distribution.

The addition of a dedicated Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics Team provides advanced levels of support and understanding to the sector. Through direct contact with the Team, Biocair offers unrivalled levels of customer service built on many years of experience with a focus clearly on the patient, facilitating tailored support for individual clients and products around the core cell & gene therapy logistics service.

Can you offer round the clock support?

Yes. We provide 24/7 collection, delivery and support including weekends and holidays, with on-site training available.

What is meant by regulatory compliance and how can Biocair support?

Biocair deals with regulations that govern the transport, import and export of materials associated with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical research communities.

When we refer to regulatory compliance, we mean that we work to and abide by those regulations, as well as industry, client and our internal standards.

We offer regulatory advice as part of our standard shipping service. Specific regulatory advice can also be provided as a separate service.

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