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Supporting immunotherapy treatment with specialist logistics


With the transportation of patient specimens, efficiency can reduce transit times, develop cures in shorter timeframes and, most important, help save lives.


It is therefore vital to rely on a partner with in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, temperature-controlled shipping solutions and life sciences logistics.

Our client develops autologous and allogeneic therapies for cancer patients, working with many domestic and international hospitals.

The customer's central laboratories provide a range of advanced services, often with short processing timelines.

Clinical-stage immunotherapy company

Transport patient specimens from the hospitals to the central lab

Flexible, end-to-end logistics with immediate collection/delivery

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The customer required a specialist courier to transport patient specimens rapidly and safely, sometimes at a moment’s notice.

The project required regular, weekly transport of biospecimens. However, depending on the availability of the donors and staff, there was no fixed schedule and so the number of samples could fluctuate every week.

Customer spokesperson

Patient specimens were transported from the Investigational Medicine Unit to the central laboratories

Immediate collection/delivery

Biocair supported hospital staff with the provision of all the paperwork and packed the materials onsite using pre-validated packaging, including UN3373 compliant and dangerous goods packaging.

Kevin Xu, General Manager at Biocair APAC, comments:


Last minute cancellations

Due to the reliance on volunteers for the biospecimens, the collection by Biocair to pick up the shipments had to be very flexible. Details were often not confirmed by the customer until the morning of the collection day.

We understood that, due to the nature of collaborating with volunteers, we would have to react efficiently to any changes and be there to support the customer whenever they needed us.

Occasionally we would receive an unplanned request for a 2 to 8.C shipping solution. While it is unplanned by the customer, we always store reserve packaging in our facility for them just in case, ensuring there are no disruptions in our service to them.

Kevin Xu
General Manager, Biocair APAC

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Provision of packaging and advanced preparation of paperwork

Biocair supported hospital staff with the provision of all the paperwork and packed the materials onsite using pre-validated packaging, including UN3373 compliant and dangerous goods packaging.

Clear, concise communication throughout

Biocair ensured a strong communication channel throughout and, before the project started, clearly identified the client’s needs and the type of service and solution required. Our flexibility and willingness to provide a cost-effective solution were instrumental in making Biocair the preferred courier for this project.

Biocair was able to deliver the shipments on time, every time, and enabled us to focus more on the work itself, not the administrative and logistical burdens that come with transporting biospecimens.

Customer spokesperson

Biocair colleague and customer

Biocair's service was rated 95% in a recent global customer survey



Careful planning and coordination took place at each stage between the client and Biocair, putting in place the logistical steps needed for a successful operation.

When faced with critical timelines, life science companies rely on Biocair’s experience and know-how gained from over 35 years of being the specialist courier for life sciences sector.

Find out today how Biocair can support your temperature-controlled shipments.

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