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Working at Biocair

As a successful and growing company Biocair is on the look-out for talented individuals who can help us build our business across a range of global locations.

Please take a look at our vacancies to see if there's one that interests you.

A note for recruitment agencies
We work with a small group of preferred suppliers when we need them. If you’re interested in being part of that group in the future feel free to email your details to But please don’t call us, we’re busy doing other things. If we need you, we’ll call you!

Here’s what our people say about what it’s like to work for Biocair …

When I joined Biocair 8 years ago I had never experienced a company like this; where I could (and indeed was encouraged to) influence the direction of the company and make such a big difference. I enjoy the openness within the company and the fact that I regularly work with people at all different levels in the organisation. It gives me a real buzz when I think about what we do and the part that we play in changing or even saving peoples’ lives. There is always a challenge and something new to get your teeth in to here, one of the benefits of being a relatively small but growing company. If I look back at the changes we have made since I have been here it is fantastic – map that on to the future and it starts to make your head spin!
In the relatively short time I have been at Biocair I have learnt and grown so much, this is mainly due to the great culture and people within Biocair. The people are both friendly and helpful and the team work in general is phenomenal. The Biocair Management team are approachable and support their staff. Biocair is a driven and focused organization that applies a strong Quality and Compliance culture and I am personally happy and proud to be part of that. I’m excited about what the future holds for Biocair overall and the opportunities for growth and expansion in Africa
Operations, South Africa
My manager has mentored me to grow and be successful in my role. As well as management support, there is a strong Quality and Compliance culture so you can be confident with the service you are delivering for your customers. The work can be tough, but it’s really satisfying as you know you’ve made a difference.
Operations, Singapore
Biocair is a great place to work. I enjoy the culture of positive change and feel really motivated to help achieve the goals of the company every day.
Sales & Marketing, UK
I really enjoy working at Biocair, it like being part of one big family working together for the greater good. I’m really proud of the customer service we deliver, which was described as “beyond outstanding!” by one customer recently. That sums it up for me.
Operations, Edinburgh
Biocair has given me everything I wanted for my career. The opportunity to grow with the business, to meet new people, to travel, to have a varied and exciting job – but most of all - to make a difference, for me and for our customers.
Biocair has a fast-paced environment where people are encouraged to think for themselves and come up with new ideas and the focus is very much on delivering the best service possible to customers. Managers are very supportive and employees wanting to build their career are actively encouraged to pursue continual professional and personal development opportunities.
Operations, UK
Working at Biocair is motivating, exciting and rewarding. Our team is extremely supportive, not only with one another, but also with our clients. Everyone brings something unique to the table, which creates an eclectic but united team of talented professionals.
Sales, US
Working in an industry where every step of the process can positively or negatively impact the life of another human being demands a high level of attention and care from every employee. You must possess a strong work ethic and a genuine dedication to getting the job done right. That’s what makes working at Biocair so rewarding.
Sales, US