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Customer Centric Process

We're precious about delivering what's precious to you. We do everything that needs to be done so that you can deliver on your promises and protect your trusted relationships.

We do our job, you are free to concentrate on yours, without being concerned about all the annoying, stressful, tedious stuff that needs to be done to get your item from A to B. Not only does this mean your items are delivered safely and dependably, it can actually add value to what you do by demonstrating the precious nature of what you are sending.

Biocair's strong customer service ethic is built on fully understanding our clients’ requirements, from cell and gene therapy shipments to clinical trial logistics, and providing a service with the highest levels of knowledge and empathy on the market.

We realise the importance and value of your work and the impact it could have. Our customer service model is based on the recruitment of the correct type of person which links into previous customer service experience and a scientific background.

It is critical that our customer service staff have a good understanding of research and the nature of the materials we transport - this enables them to understand what our clients have been through to produce their materials and how valuable and delicate they can be. Biocair often recruits science graduates for this purpose.

The recruitment of the right people is augmented by a customer service training plan and practical mentoring in doing things in the "Biocair way".

Biocair has adopted this model globally and strongly maintains consistency of the training and management necessary to ensure that our customer service standards are maintained around the world.

employee on the phone

Customer service teams at Biocair are divided into compact customer facing groups so the individuals within the teams become extremely familiar with the exact requirements of their clients. As a client you will always be talking to the same people who understand your products and the service that you and your company need.

You will never have to waste time in a call centre and you will always be able to contact your team at Biocair directly by whatever means you prefer.

Biocair has built on this methodology for many years as we have grown but we have maintained the “closeness” to our clients which gives us optimal levels of customer service.

We were rated at 95% overall by our customers in our recent global client satisfaction surveys - but we never stop looking for ways to improve.

For more information about our approach to customer service and to experience it yourself please contact your local Biocair office.