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21 September 2015

Biocair opens new site in Belgium


Biocair is pleased to announce the opening of our new premises in Belgium.

The new state of the art facility is situated near Mechelen and positioned to maximise Biocair’s proximity to new and existing European clients. The move continues the company’s global expansion plans and strengthens the push into central Europe.

Biocair’s Chief Operating Officer, Vincent Howard, commented: “We are extremely excited by the improved services Biocair has been able to offer our clients in central Europe and the growing business we have there – new clients in the region have been commenting that they have been looking for true specialism and value for money for some time and that this is now being provided by Biocair”. 


08 September 2015

Biocair International Ltd Achieves AEO Approval

AEO Logo


We are pleased to announce that as of 8th September 2015 Biocair International Ltd is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).  Biocair have been awarded AEOF – customs simplifications, and security and safety certification.  Approval has been issued by HMRC as the national Customs administration in the UK.

The AEO certificate is a quality mark confirming adherence to supply chain security standards and recognition of effective and compliant customs procedures.  Granting of a certificate is based on the recipient demonstrating an appropriate record of customs compliance and proper associated procedures and systems, allowing rigorous customs control.  Recognition of the standard is assessed through a series of HMRC visits to verify compliance.

The benefits of AEO are varied and it is expected that introduction of the Unionised Customs Code (UCC) within Europe will introduce a requirement for AEO approval to employ certain customs arrangements.  The need for approval will therefore become much more pressing to ensure maximum efficiency in shipping activities.

As the specialist logistics provider of choice for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, Biocair are dedicated to assisting our customers achieve successful and compliant delivery of their materials – the AEO certificate is recognition of this compliance capability.

20 May 2015

Biocair Opens New Site in Beijing


Biocair has continued its global expansion by opening an office in Beijing, China. The state of the art office facility situated in the Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone will strengthen Biocair’s presence in China and Asia as a whole. The office will accommodate 4 staff members and be equipped with qualified and validated cold chain equipment and storage.

The office is strategically situated with excellent transport links within Beijing and the international airport.

Kevin Xu,  Biocair’s General Manager in China, commented “The successful setup of the Beijing office enables Biocair to expand its shipping network in China and provide its excellent service to clients in the north of the country”. 

10 November 2014

Stem cell and pharmaceutical logistics in Scotland


Scotland has outstanding logistics, cold chain and packaging capabilities to enable the time-critical shipment of cells and biological products, as well as medical technologies, into and out of the country – so it’s no wonder that we’re responsible for 60% of Europe’s biosafety testing.


Biocair is a specialist logistics provider to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries based in Edinburgh. Don Riach, strategic development director for Biocair, explains the logistics behind the clinical trial services in Scotland.

A Scottish laboratory centre for worldwide clinical trial sample testing

"Approximately 50,000 trial samples are sent every month from hospitals and clinics all over Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa for blood and urine analysis in Scotland. However, to retain sample integrity, the ambient blood samples must reach the central Scotland facility within 48 hours of collection.

"Specialist couriers like us provide bespoke logistics, ensuring time-critical delivery for high-value or irreplaceable samples in dedicated packaging often at controlled temperatures. Around 2,000 of these inbound blood samples per month are shipped by these specialist couriers to this central laboratory in Scotland, with an on-time performance of over 99%.

"In addition, Scotland’s good choice of airlines and routes available from Edinburgh and Glasgow help us achieve 48 hour deliveries outbound to worldwide destinations.

"Lufthansa and KLM fly to Frankfurt and Amsterdam, connecting Edinburgh to hundreds of international destinations around the world. A number of other international airlines, including Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, United and US Airways, also operate from Scottish airports, connecting Scotland to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Austrailasia and the Americas.

"In addition to arranging door-to-door inbound movements, we export biological samples, research compounds, active pharmaceutical ingredients and clinical trial research medicines worldwide on behalf of a clinical supplies company. These are sent in validated temperature controlled packaging that is in line with regulatory authority quality guidelines."

How we can help

Scotland can support the logistics required for your biopharmaceutical and stem cell products - find out more about how we can help you.

Article written for Scottish Development International

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